I love travelling to explore offbeat and unusual destination looking for untold stories. I think travelling can boost happiness , satisfaction and make you mentally resilient and enhance creativity.

Trained to be a Cost Accountant; left my job to be a homemaker. Traveling to new places, meeting new people, understanding different cultures is something I enjoy the most, and etching those experiences on paper is the best fulfillment I obtain. I also love writing on finance, healthcare, nutrition, and diet plans.

Software engineer by profession , wanderer by heart .

I am a Travel Blogger who writes to find happiness and travel to write. I write about destinations which inspires me and try to inspire other people too. Wanna learn about destinations and travel in a virtual world? STAY TUNED..

Himani is passionate about travelling and writing. She loves to explore new places and write about them. She is also an adventure enthusiast. Apart from being an author, she is a software developer in a well renowned IT company. For more, you can follow her on instagram at @himani.nailwal

Its magical when the things you love are combined. For me, its travel and photography, which I enjoy communicating through my blogs. A PR professional, I can be found creating art or cooking when not working or travelling. Follow me on Instagram at isha_goel20.

I am an Indian woman who is on the wrong side of fifty. I have been traveling solo since 2015.

I love to travel very much, and my parents also loved to travel in the same way. My father used to organize self-planned trips and I was always his assistant in my teen years.

I love to travel and explore. I try to challenge and push myself out of comfort zone through my travel experiences. I am an adventure seeker, nature lover, fitness enthusiast, certified Zumba instructor and an analyst by profession.

Karan is best described as an ordinary boy with extraordinary goals to achieve. An avid traveler and adventure sports enthusiast who is waiting to discover what’s next to put in his bucket list. An explorer who loves mountains over sea any day while life likes to be simple he likes to find a way to add thrill to it. This travel-lover holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Delhi and is currently working for Financial Consulting Firm. You can reach out to me via email on karankarthikshukla@gmail.com or follow him on Instagram Hashtag.traveler

Kaveri is a web strategist, content analyst and a freelance writer. She is an experienced WordPress writer and contributes to a number of WordPress blogs. She occasionally contributes her travel experience in Travelescape.
Kaveri loves learning new things about blogging and documents them on her blog My Blogging Journal. To get in touch with her Contact here

Writing inspires me to travel and travel inspires me to write. I started writing in my free time which habits sculpted me into a freelance writer and blogger. I write mostly for my blog realbharat.org. Quora is another platform where I would like to write. Apart from travel writing, I am also interested in introducing people to traditional Indian food which are vanishing from our menu.

Mayank Sharma has been an avid traveler who has been exploring India with his wife and son. He is also a novice camper who likes hunting for secluded camping sites on weekends. You can check out his experiences on his YouTube Channel ‘Pahadi Patidev’. You can also connect with him @pahadi.patidev on Instagram.

My name is Namrata and I’m a Writer, Digital Nomad, and a Travelholic from a beautiful Country India. I quit my job in 2016 and have been traveling slowly and exploring various parts of India and other countries with my travel buddy (my husband). I am one of those blessed people who can deliver their work while exploring the amazing places out there. Therefore, I can proudly say I LOVE MY JOB. I believe traveling is not only looking at things. It’s more than that. Traveling helps you in learning about the culture, interacting with new people, and the things you will learn will change the perspective of your life. I travel to make each day count.

The travelescape.in editors consist of intellectual with an array of interests in different fields, who are all busy in composing something unique and exciting for our travel community.

Nilabh is an avid traveller, explorer, photographer and love to drive. Adventure travel and going to new places that respect and gives back to local culture and environment is his top priority.Follow us! Live to explore