Weekend getaways around Mumbai-The best vacation is the one where you can be at peace and feel serene. The destinations around Mumbai are extremely serene and tranquil, making them a complete paradox of Mumbai.

Destinations around Mumbai are a travellers paradise. The best part about these destinations is that, they serve the purpose of every traveller. There are locations for people looking for an adventurous vacation, for people looking for a serene destination, for couples hoping to get some alone time, for friends who just want to have fun. There’s something for everyone in and around Mumbai.

The below infographic has taken 55 such destinations into consideration and listed down all the details about them in the elongated article. The below infographic mentions details like how far is the place from the city, how long will it take to reach the destination from the city and more. The closest location from the city is Panvel (42kms) and the furthest is Vengurle (545kms), you have the privilege of choosing the destination as per your comfort.

The elongated article on the other hand talks about this and much more. It specifies every detail about all of these 55 locations. How to get to this place, what is the best time to visit, what is the place famous for, and much more.

Want to travel for a weekend getaway near Mumbai? Then, make this your travel guide, cross over destinations one after the other! This list is perfect for people wanting to go on a mini-vacation.

Thus, don’t wait any longer. Go hunt an amazing destination for your next mini-vacation!



cover photo credit- Anshul Kamra