Nagarhole National park– Imagine a complete forest experience, which is roughly 250 Km from Bangalore. Now imagine the forest is full of easily available animals like deers and birds to the home of predators like tiger, leopard, etc. this is what Nagarhole national park is all about.

I am going to describe the mighty national park in this blog post and is purely based on my experience, you will get all the required information like Nagarhole safari information, what to expect, and whatnot.

About Nagarhole National park

Nagarahole park is named after Nagarahole (Cobra river in the local language, Kannada), a river that runs towards the east through its center. The park is in the two districts of Mysore and Kodagu in the state of Karnataka.

The Nagarahole park extends over an area of 643.39 sq. km which was given the status of a National Park in the year 1983. Therefore, the park is very big, dense and offers some breathtaking views. Chances are high that in case you plan your Coorg trip, a visit to the park is a must

How to Reach Nagarhole National Park from Bangalore

If you have landed on the TE page from doing a google query, chances are that you are from Bangalore and searching more about Nagarhole National Park, so this section is purely based on how you reach the park.

Nagarhole National Park has located roughly 250 Km from Bangalore, you take the Mysore road and then take right to the national highway 275 to Kodagu district.

After reaching Hunsur ( the last major town before the forest), take left and then you reach the entry gate of the national park

If you are thinking of a rail route, then sadly you need to exit from Mysuru railway station and then take public transport like buses or shared taxis to reach the park ( not recommended).

Nagarhole National Park Safari

This will be the most interesting sub-section in this Nagorhole guide. So, basically, you get to do an open Jeep safari or a bus safari in Nagarhole Park depending on the budget and preferences. The advantage of doing safari is quite obvious in that it may give you chance to see the predators from very close range.

You can do advance booking through Nagarhole safari’s official site and select either the morning slot or the evening slot or both to have the best chances to encounter the predator.

I will definitely recommend you to do at least one round of safari in the park. The experience will be one of a kind. It depends on you which slot you choose. i.e. morning or evening and portability remain more or less the same. I always did the morning one.

Nagarhole National Park Wildlife

I got to know there are roughly 100 tigers in the wildlife sanctuary from the driver of our Jeep safari. I think it’s a quite good number of tigers in a national park. This also makes it to the good probability of seeing this elusive predator in the national park.

The question you may have is, did I spot one? the short answer is “No” but a sweet answer is “yes” I did see Leopard from 50 meters away from our Jeep and that too twice during our safari.

Even if you are unlucky in seeing a tiger, please do not be sad or say that it’s useless, the breathtaking National par’s biosphere, the tall trees, and other animals will surely be delightful for you.

Nagarhole National Park Private Vehicle Route

If you want to enter the south Coorg region like Kutta etc, you can enter the parks using your private vehicle and enjoy driving in the dense forest of Nagarhole park.

However, please read the rules at the entry gate of the forest and the one I posted above. The forest guard will give you an entry ticket and you need to exit and follow the rules.

You will start seeing the wildlife as you enter the forest narrow & bumpy road. Please do drive slow and enjoy the dense forest at your expanse. However, please note that the forest gates are strictly closed from 6 PM to 6 AM every day and hence do plan accordingly.

Nagarhole Park Entry Gate Closed?

What to do when the gates are closed or beyond 6 PM? in the event the Nagarahole Forest route is closed due to Covid regulations on weekends or you are riding on a 2-wheeler, or the gates are closed the alternative route is via Thithimati->Gonikkopal->Ponnampet->Kuta

Please note that 2 wheelers are not allowed via the forest area. Also, you are not allowed to stop in the forest area for your safety.

What about Kabini?

Around Bison Kabini

Like me, I think most of us get confused about Kabini and Nagarhole being the same, however, Kabini is a tributary of River Cauvery which originates in Kerela, flows through Karnataka.

The place is well known for its location as it divides the two National Parks, Nagarhole, and Bandipur and is also easily accessible from Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, etc. Kabini has a dam as we. Read more about Kabini in our blog.

Tigers Sighting in Nagarhole National park?

I always say this . do not go to any national park in India with the high probability of seeing a tiger, but keep your expectations very real. This being said, seeing the elusive tiger is very high in Nagarhole National park. The park has the highest density of tigers per 100 sq Km range

I do hope you will be very lucky to see the wild cat in their natural home.

Where to Stay ?

I think, this will be your key question, so if you want a pure jungle experience, then JLR Kabini Lodge will suit you best, however, they come with premium costing but the best safari experience.

If you want to have south Coorg + Safari experience+ more options, then I recommend staying around the South Coorg region. I stayed in a premium homestay in the Kutta region with the name “Vanandhaara“. If you are sure about Vanandhaara, I can get you at the best rate, however, please send me a note on your clear requirements.

If you are looking out for more hotels/resort options, check out the awesome link from

If you are staying in South Coorg or Kutta region, I strongly recommend you visit Iruppu Falls.

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Why is Nagarhole national park famous?

Nagarhole national park is famous for its tiger population. Nagarhole Tiger Reserve continues to be the most densely populated tiger reserve in Karnataka.
More than 125 adult tigers are roaming in a 644 sq km protected area, which is 11.82 tigers for the 100 sq km range. Reports from DH