If you ever wish to get away from the heat and bustle of the city, and just relax those brain cells for a week, pack your bags and book the next train to Nainital, India. The Himalayan mountain range has some beautiful towns at its foothills, and it doesn’t get better than the lake city.

There are plenty of awesome places to visit and things to do in Nainital.One of the most famous hill destinations in India, a visit to Nainital’s includes everything from lazy boating and sailing to visiting old temples and heritage structures, and of course, scenic views at every step

The town surrounded by beautiful mountaintops, and they offer some incredibly breath-taking views of the plains to the south and the ridges up north. There are plenty of things for tourists to do in Nainital (Source euttaranchal). The town surrounded by a beautiful pear-shaped lake that forms the central crux of stuff to do in the  Kumaon region.

Nainital PineTree

Pine Tree with mist


The weather remains pleasant during summer months offering tourists the best holiday experience.The winters are freezing.December, January, February and March are best known as Nainital’s chilling months, and the temperature usually stays between (0 -9 degrees Celsius) day and night.

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Nainital Lake:
As mentioned before, the serene Lake is a sight that needs to be seen to explore the beauty of this lake located in the middle of the town. Around 2 kilometers in diameter, the lake has some beautiful views of the surrounding hills of the town.

The lake is by the city and is home to many activities that tourists can participate in and enjoy. Primary to this is the Boat Club that provides yachting facilities. Also, tourists visiting in the month of June can view the Annual Kingfisher Yachting Competition. During the winter months, by the lake, there are many traditional and cultural celebrations by the locals of Kumaon – where Nainital resides.

Pt. G.B. Pant High Altitude Zoo:
The Pandit. G.B. Pant High Altitude Zoo is another major attraction for guests visiting Nainital. The zoo is only of its kind located in high altitude zoo in whole North India and is home to some varied and diverse flora and fauna of the region.

Until 2011, the zoo was home to India’s only Siberian Tiger. There are plenty of endangered species that live in the zoo such as the snow leopard, Tibetan wolf, Himalayan bear, and the leopard cat. Apart from this, there are many other bird species such as the kalij pheasant, Amherst pheasant, rose-ringed parakeet, and the red jungle fowl.

Nainital Bird

Nainital Bird

Jungle fowl

Jungle fowl

Sattal, or “Seven Lakes” is a group of seven freshwater lakes that are present near Nainital. Apart from stunning views, there is a valley that can be reached via a trekking expedition – something for adventure enthusiasts to look forward to its beauty. Also, the hill is home to some beautiful pine and oak trees and is largely undisturbed by the urbanization of the region.

The lakes are also crucial as they serve as a major location for migratory birds to settle. Apart from this, there is a butterfly museum and ashram for tourists to gaze at and enjoy.

Picturesque Emerald Lake

Picturesque Emerald Lake

Therefore, Nainital is the perfect place for a long week off from work and an ideal location to escape the summer heat.There are plenty of hotels in Nainital that can fit the budgettravelerraveller to the town.

Nainital is a fantastic place to visit with your loved ones to rediscover the romance as well as take your relationship to greater levels. It can also rekindle the love for nature in you and might just be the holiday you so badly desired.

A 2.5 hour ride from Nainital will take you the Corbett National Park and it will surely be a visit worth it if you are lucky to spot a tiger.


The best time to explore Nainital is from April to November.For snow, lover visit in December, January & February is recommended


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By Road-The town enjoys excellent road connectivity to important destinations in North India.

Rail route– Kathgodam is the nearest station to Nainital.One can hire local taxi from Kathgodam which is 35 Km from the town

By Air– Nainital does not have an airport. The closest one is one at Pantnagar. Pantnagar is 65 Km from Pantnagar.Pantnagar airport operates only the private chartered flights. New Delhi Airport, which is approximately 290 kilometers away from Nainital, enjoys the best air connectivity.

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