Nandi Hills, Bangalore serves as an excellent trekking/cycling/hang-out destination and one of the most popular day trip getaways or things to do for people around Bangalore. Read, our road trip experience to Nandi Hills from Bangalore.

Reader’s Note!- Update- Looks like the vehicle restriction imposed at Nandi hills on weekend is lifted. However, do look out for the heavy rush on weekends.

Why Sacrifice Your Weekend for Morning Trip to Nandi Hills?

Nandi Hills Bangalore

Nandi Hills Bangalore

Situated roughly a a distance of 70 Km from Bangalore is the Nandi hills and is a massively famous tourist spot. Blessed with a pleasant climate throughout or at least during morning and evening. If you are lucky, you may see the mists covering the valley during sunrise.

Reasons Why to Wake up Early & Head to Nandi Hills

Nandi Hill Top

Nandi Hill Top

  • Just to chill out and enjoy the green, misty & cold surrounding
  • The drive to Hill is itself memorable with eight hairpin drive en route to the top
  • A long drive on a weekend with your loved one on the best road (From Hebbla)
  • Get real photographs and share them with your social media friends
  • Eat something different or enjoy the rural atmosphere

Reasons Why Not to Go Nandi Hills & Better be at Home


Nandi Hill Crowd

Nandi Hill Crowd

  • Early morning crowd & Rush– Yes, it sounds magnificent that “chalo Nandi hill” (Let’s go Nandi Hill), but you know what I mean, be prepared to see the huge crowd at parking, entrance, and the site.
  • Gate to the top closed– Again, you can take your car & bike to the top only after 5:45 AM as the security open the gate from the base of the hill.
  • Start by 4 AM from Bangalore– Everyone wants to reach the summit at the earliest, and with the influx of visitors increasing year on year, you need to head start from Bangalore between 4 to 4:30 AM. So, the key is waking up as early as possible.
  • Drowsiness while returning–  You need to drink coffee or tea while returning to Bangalore, as you might feel tired and sleep and way return to home and add to that face the Bangalore traffic

Is it Then Worth Going to Nandi Hills this Weekend?

Absolutely yes, if you just want a change from your mundane life. Moreover, you don’t want to kill your time and burn your pocket in driving some 200 km out of Bangalore. As you, turn left from NH 7 and turn towards Nandi hill road, you would start feeling a sudden change in landscape and also climate. Enjoy mother nature at its best.

We highly recommend you to take one Nandi Hills trip from Bangalore. Also, you can take your family for a short Nandi Hills trip & attractions.

Reader’s Note!– Board of Nandi hills or have anxiety about the great rush on weekends? maybe you can head out to Avalabetta Hilltop, some 70 Km from Nandi Hill & enjoy the landscape. You can experience Avalabetta Hilltop here 

Who Should Head Out to the Hills

For anyone and everyone who is close to nature like me and won’t mind waking up a bit early to catch the magnificent sunrise from the hilltop? A great getaway for adventure, mountain, nature lovers, and all those looking for a pleasant weekend getaway.

How to Reach Nandi Hills From Bangalore

As I did, the majority would be taking their personal car or bikes to arrive at the top. You just need to ensure that you leave Bangalore by 4:30 AM and take the Airport road.

You might be aware that cycling in Bangalore is quite famous, and if you are super enthusiastic about cycle ride to Nandi Hill, you are in luck. I saw many folks cycling all the way to the top. Just, be aware of the turns and ride with care.

Stay in Around Nandi Hills

The area around Nandhi Hills is blessed with mesmerizing natural beauty. Nandhi hills are also home to other famous attractions like Yoganandeshwara temple and an old Nandi temple. Nehru Nilay and Gandhi Nilay, located on the hilltop, are of great historical importance!

If you plan to enjoy all these beauties with time by your side, we strongly recommend booking a 1 night 2 days stay in around Nandhi hills. You will have your time and also enjoy the best weather around Nandi hills.

UPDATE:–  We stayed in a couple of resorts near Nandi hills over the weekends and here is our review of selected resorts near Nandi Hills

We recommend below resorts and hotels in around Nandi hills to explore and book in case you make your decision.

  1. Discovery Village Nandi Hills
  2. Hotel Mayura Pine Top Nandi Hills
  3. Mount Plazo

However, do note that the above hotels/resort located in an offbeat location, do not expect too much from them, the idea is to just chill, spend time with family and enjoy the weather at Nandi Hills

In case you put up your stay in around Devanhalli (18 Km from Nandi hills), there’s a lot of best hotels/resort to choose.

Nandi Hills Weather & Forecast

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