Nelong Valley near the India-China border is a cold desert. The difficult terrain was closed for civilians after the 1962 Indo-China war, has been opened for tourists.

The Nelong valley, 45 km ahead of the China border, falls under the Gangotri National Park in Uttarkashi district and is very remotely placed.

It can serve as an alternate to Leh Ladakh in future for adventure junkie.However, due to some of the tough terrain to cross, reaching to this will not be for weak hearted.

Some facts about Nelong Valley

  1. Located in Gangotri National Park in Uttarkashi district
  2. Around 315 km from state capital Dehradun
  3. Cold desert with difficult terrain
  4. No. of tourists to Nelong Valley (May-Nov-2015)-only 184  (source GNP office, Uttarkashi)

What to look for taking this pain

At roughly 12,000 feet, the valley is a cold desert, home to the snow leopard and the Himalayan blue sheep and offering a view of the Tibetan Plateau.
“Tourists visiting the valley will see the wooden bridge once used for trade between India and China,”

Nelong Valley-Reason for closure

After the 1962 war, villagers were shifted out of the valley and Indo-Tibetan Border Police checkpoints were set up in the villages.

What’s the catch

“Six vehicles will carry tourists from Bhairavghati to Nelong every day, but no one will be allowed to stay overnight within the 25-km area between Bhairavghati and Nelong, foreign tourists will not be permitted in the region. Even Indians will need a permit from the sub-divisional magistrate and a fitness certificate.

Uttarkashi district live Temperature & Weather Team.

Photo: Dr VP Uniyal

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