Kochi One Day Itinerary– Kochi, known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, is the best place to start your Kerala tour. Kochi is blended with several historical and cultural sites.

Read below my one-day itinerary of the town and plan your time in the ancient city. I suggest you read my other article on unique places to visit in Kochi


Ernakulam is the name of the district of Kerala where Cochin is. Also, it is the name of the mainland part of Cochin.

All the major railway stations are in this region.


Getting to Ernakulam is easy. You can reserve a seat on the several trains that ply to Ernakulam daily or board a bus. All of this is only going to be an overnight journey that will take you to one of the most beautiful cities in Kerala. So, if you decide to take a train, book the ticket to Ernakulam junction (ERS) or Ernakulam Town (ERN).

Booking a flight to Cochin is also an option but, be aware that the airport is a good 29kms away from the heart of the city, and with all the infrastructure development in progress, this journey can be tedious and time-consuming.


Hop onto a bus to Mattancherry –

The ancient part of the city where a lot is happening. This is where you need to go to get a dose of history.

1. Mattancherry palace – A 16th century Palace. Built by the Portuguese. This building now has a museum and is protected by the trustworthy hands of the Archaeological Survey of India.

2. The Jew town – needs to be enjoyed on foot, the tiny winding roads that have both tiny and big business lining it is an amusing view. You can find anything from spices to artifacts here. Most of the textile business owners here are Kashmiris, which is pretty much a thing.

You can shop here for spices and artifacts.

3. Paradesi Synagogue – built-in 1568, this is a functioning Synagogue. And has an attached Clock tower that was built in the 1700s.

4. International tourism police station and police museum And Antique museum –

Placed exactly opposite to each other they are worth a visit. While one is dedicated to the history of police in Kerala, the other has the general antique items

5. Fort Kochi – about 2.5 to 3km away from Mattancherry Fort Kochi is a place to chill. En route, you could stop by at the Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica.

While there used to be a beautiful beach back in the days this is nowhere to be seen anymore. All that is left is a sea walk lined with Chinese fishing nets and several small vendors who sell you the fresh catch.

If lucky you could also see some of the ships that slowly make their way into the shipyard ahead.

Walk along with the place and you can visit some of the heritage buildings that have been converted into hotels. A Little more walking will take you to the food street that runs parallel to the beach.


6. Willingdon Islands – Housing seaports and several industries in Kochi, this is a place to visit in the evenings. While in the past this island had a fully functional railway station, you can find it almost abandoned now.

Having a car or bike is recommended to visit this place. A must-visit here is the promenade that gives you a beautiful view of Marine Drive.

7. Marine Drive – is a waterfront district known for the marine walkway and Subhash Bose Park. A place is worthy of your brooding time.

You will be able to find both small and big restaurants around this region to end your day with a scrumptious meal and head back home to rest.


The Kochi-Muziris Biennale is an international exhibition of contemporary art last held in Kochi in 2018 and the next one is slated for 2020. If you are planning to visit Kochi in 2020, I recommend you to explore the Kochi-Muziris Biennale exhibition 2020. Please visit their official website for further information.


  1. Kochin is in Kerala and it can be pretty warm for people traveling from other parts of the world, remember to keep yourself hydrated by having lots of water.
  2. Uber and Ola’s services are also available but, may be a little difficult to get a cab.
  3. While you are there don’t forget to try the authentic Kerala cuisine – Puttu and Kadala, parotta / pathiri and chicken curry, appam and egg curry/ veg stew are all dishes worthy of your taste buds.
  4. The Synagogue remains shut on all Saturdays and requires people to dress modestly while entering the premises.
  5. Like anywhere else in the world, hawkers will quote a price higher than they would to locals, feel no shame in bargaining. But please be reasonable.

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