Puri Beach Travel Guide – The tranquil gaze of the golden sands, crystal clear water, and soft sounds coming straight from the waves of this absolute alluring beach is what one could expect from the beach of Puri. Readout my exclusive travel guide on Puri Beach. Let me know in the comment below, how was yours?


Situated in the coastline of Eastern Odisha, it is a great holiday destination for both domestic as well as international tourists. However, one might easily find a group of Bengalis after every few steps as Puri is an incredible weekend gateway for its neighboring state.

With a mere distance of 65 km from Bhubaneswar and good rail and road connectivity, it is easy to reach and has gained tremendous popularity in the last few years.


Photo credits@ Mona Ashutosh

One may get skeptical while choosing Puri beach over the beaches of Goa, Andamans or probably Kerala, however, the beautiful mix of spiritual, cultural and leisure makes the Puri beach unique and worth to visit.

With the throng of pilgrims coming each day to the town of Puri, wishing for a good darshan of their Lord Jagganath, these travel enthusiasts get tempted to the pristine Puri beach in no time. A place which promises to never disappoint its endless visitors is also popular among the surfing spots in India.

I remember our short trips to Jagganath temple followed by the visit to Puri beach back in our childhood days, it brings a nostalgic smile on me. Puri beach was always fun, whether it was with my college buddies or a family trip with my grandmother, it never really failed to impress me.


A beach full of exuberance and bustle, it is among the popular beach for a rejuvenating swim. Although considered as one of the safest beaches, it is always advisable to accompanied with the local lifeguards or nulias as they call themselves.

A swim during Monsoons can be challenging though due to its high tide, however, one can still enjoy a quick dive near the shore. While devotees indulgence in a holy bath with the idea of eliminating their sins, it is enchanting enough to draw the eye of other guests in no time.

Additionally, one may prefer to eradicate the daily stress by enjoying a calming massage by the local masseurs there and care to unwind within the lap of this gorgeous beach.It is also known to be one of the crowded beaches in India, yet one could not avoid falling in love with this place. However, a daytime visit surely would demand a suntan application.


Located on the shores of Bay of Bengal, it’s a paradise for the shopping lovers and one can find themselves in a spree. One might realize, a large show of sea shells decors, mirrors, conch shells right at the shore of the beach itself. The fake pearls showed by the local vendors can be completely avoided though. If you love to haggle before buying any stuff, then this is the place for you.

Additionally, one can walk a bit to explore the Puri market, which is situated right next to the beach, definitely incorporates a nice assortment of gorgeous Sambalpuri & Ikkat materials, applique work handicrafts, ornaments made of shells and items of décor to beautify your home.

The Sambalpuri and Bomkai sarees are to die for and can be easily available in the Puri market. You can check them out in any of the handloom shops or if you care to visit the capital and smart city of Odisha then Boyanika is one store you must not miss.


The cherry on the top is definitely the hypnotic sand art done on the seashore by many local sand artists and often by the internationally recognized sand artist, Sudarshan Pattnaik. Pattnaik’s sand art is not only appreciated by the locals of Odisha, but it has given a strong recognition to this amazing art form all across the globe.

We all know the fun in making the beautiful sand castles on the sand but clearly never thought that creating masterpieces on these sand is ever possible. Today, one could find amazing sand sculptures, few with some strong social and public awareness messages and few highlighting the beauty of our culture. Indeed all the designs are a treat to watch, these beautiful creations made in a jiffy by the sand magicians can hypnotize you with its beauty.


Photo credits@ Mona Ashutosh

The Puri seashore is usually never empty. One could either see happy faces of tourists caring for an easy stall or the children playing and having fun spreading their contagious smile. The beach shore is large enough for a joyful elephant or camel ride, giving us a reason to laugh our heart out.

Although the Merry Go Round ride is one of the most preferred rides amongst the kids, they can spend ample amount of time playing in the sand area. Thanks for its huge stretch, it also attracts the surfing lovers.


Another attraction that pulls the tourists effortlessly and also the locals the foremost, is the Puri beach festival that is held every year in the month of November. Showcasing the art & culture of Odisha, this 5-day fest hosts a fantastic handicraft exhibition, providing an array of things to shop for and even displays the gorgeous sand art by the talented sand artists of Odisha.

The evenings will be absolute exciting for the cultural lovers as they’ll watch a number of wonderful dance performances of many classical and folks dance styles of our country. Also, not to disappoint its millennial crowd it entertains them with rock band concerts and musical events that can be an exhilarating experience and would wish one to come back.


I being a foodie can never imagine my holidays without trying the local mouth watering foods so here comes a list of food one must try if you are in Puri or anywhere in Odisha. Alu dum dahi bara, gupchup (golgappas filled with yummiest mashed potatoes), papdi alu chaat are few street foods one must not think of missing and Oh yes let me quickly confess that we Odias love to put potatoes in everything!!

Being its street food, any of our vegetable curry, egg curry, fish curry, chicken curry, you name it and we have it. As my husband always complains about it and I keep telling him the same, potatoes do some kind of magic to each of the Odia dishes and that’s why we simply adore them. One can also try the seafood delicacies and delicious sweets like chena poda, rasagullas, chena jhili to name a few.


  • Swargadwar Beach: If you walk at the long stretch of this amazing Puri beach, you would reach Swargadwar beach which is situated just opposite to the Hindu Cremation ground. This beach is flooded with local hawkers, eating stalls and fishermen selling fishes and crabs.
  • Jagganath Temple: Just 10 minutes away from the beach is the famous Jagganath Puri Temple. Neither the beach nor the temple can be skipped out from your travel itinerary if you happen to be in or around Puri.
  • Balighai Beach: One could also choose to travel down to the secluded Balighai beach which is perfect for those who prefer less crowded places and is around 8 km away from the Puri beach. The beach won’t have any water sports activities or joy rides however is a good holiday spot for a peaceful chit-chat.


It would be absolutely unfair to keep a certain season or months to keep it open for the travel enthusiasts, however summer season may be too exhausting due to the hot and humid weather condition. Monsoons can be avoided due to high tide possibility but honestly, a visit to Puri beach is not to be missed in any season.

Having said that the extreme weather conditions never really bothered us for planning a vacation there, yet anytime between August to March is the ideal time for a pleasant vacation. The time spent during the Sunrise and Sunset can take the beauty of the beach to a different level, so plan your visit accordingly. And if I forgot to mention about the picturesque views then kindly pardon me for this and go grab your cameras to capture the beauty.


One could comfortably fly down to the capital city of Odisha and then can enjoy a road journey by either hiring a taxi or driving down from Bhubaneswar to Puri in just 1.5 hours time. Or else, the Puri railway station is merely 2.5 km away from the beach.


Just like its countless tourists, Puri also has a number of gorgeous resorts and 5-star hotels for a comfortable and memorable stay. Some of these hotels and resorts have their own private beaches too which can charm the tourists more. One can also choose to stay in any of the budget hotels which are very close to the beach and are in abundance.


Puri beach is all about having fun and living the moment. It may not have the same charm as the beaches of Goa has, however, has its own way to woo its travelers. Currently, the weather is on our side right now and is absolutely pleasant, do plan your Puri trip soon and have an awesome time there.

We would love to hear about your experiences about the Puri beach guide and if you still have any questions for us, feel free to drop a comment on the comment box or rate us by clicking the 5 stars.

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