Pyramid Valley Bangalore– For someone hailing from Uttarakhand, Devbhoomi of India, sometimes a break from the hustle and bustle of the metro life is a little to ask for.

Despite being such a crowd-pulling metro, Bangalore has a range to offer, even when someone is looking for an uplifting place full of solace, blessing you with mindfulness.

This time we considered experiencing a place full of sacred energies in a valley filled with lush greenery, the perfect spiritual abode for thousands of seekers – Pyramid Valley International, Kanakpura Road.

Pyramid Valley Bangalore| Journey to the Spiritual Destination

Pyramid Valley Tapastali

We started acclimatizing to the serenity and concord with nature once we were on the Kanakapura Road, post-crossing Art of Living, another beautiful place we will go to some other time.

The glistening lakes are gratifying and give you a sense of relief, even on a hot sunny day.

The hills and hamlets on both sides of Kanakapura Road are worth a gaze, and there are some not-so-known but beautiful temples on the top of the mountain, Mutturayaswamy Temple being one of the few.

We also noticed many trees on the roadside being cut and leveling being done, indicating that the road might be getting broader in the coming days.

After taking a left from Kanakpura Road, we reached Kebbedoddi Village, where this magnificent piece of architecture and an established wellness tourism destination, Pyramid Valley International, has been built.

Buddha shows the Way

Pyramid Valley Meditating Buddha

As per Buddha, all know the way, but very few walk it.

Thankfully for us, Buddha himself, in the form of meditating Buddha statue with a face full of calmness, was there to show us the right way to the meditation center.

Pyramid Valley International is open every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Maitreya Buddha Pyramid

Pyramid Valley Bangalore

The place’s main attraction is this mystical 102 feet high Pyramid with a base of 160 feet, inspired by the Great Pyramid of Giza and said to be the world’s largest meditating pyramid.

This structure can accommodate approximately 5000 meditators at a time.

An elevated structure called “King’s Chamber” is located at the center of the Pyramid, at 1/3rd the height from the base of the Pyramid.

One can climb up the stairs and meditate for a transcendental experience.

Meditation is believed to be three times more effective under Pyramids due to the golden inclination angle at 51°50’.

There is another beautiful statue of meditating Buddha just before entering the Meditation Hall. You can meditate either while sitting on one of the hall chairs or climbing up to transcend your mind towards stillness.

Few guidelines before entering the Pyramid

Before entering the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid, we must remove our footwear at the counter on the left side, like in many spiritual places.

We were given a jute bag to deposit the footwear. This way, the whole group’s footwear is kept in one place, and locating the jute bag later becomes easy since they have put numbers on the bags.

The phones must be switched off in the meditation hall, and the camera is prohibited.

Something significant, kids below 6 years are not allowed inside the meditation hall.

The Sleeping Buddha

Pyramid Valley Sleeping Buddha

After stepping out from the exit stairs, we saw the statue of a sleeping Buddha, which must be noticed due to its size.

Sleeping Buddha is frequently used to symbolize both travel and enlightenment.

After enlightenment, the statue depicts the Buddha in his final moments on earth, when he was preparing to journey to Parinirvana.

A Little Shopping Never Hurt Anyone

After clicking some pictures of the Sleeping Buddha, we moved to the next section, where my wife also enjoyed her way of meditating – A bit of shopping.

This place offers a range of products like Meditational Accessories, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Incense Sticks, Spiritual Books, Hand-Made Wooden Toys for Kids, and so on. The list is long.

The Bridge of Change

Pyramid Valley Bridge of Change

Once we were done shopping, we noticed a small wooden bridge that takes you to the Gaushala (Cow-Shelter). This bridge has been named The Bridge of Change.

Nandanvan Gaushala

Pyramid Valley Volunteer

A Gaushala (cow shelter) has also been started now. One of the volunteers in the Gaushala informed us that while a few Gir cows have been brought from Gujrat, some of the local species are also in the shelter.

We also got a chance to feed the cow with our hands, which was quite an experience.

The cleanliness of the Gaushala was commendable, and I am sure the cows would enjoy the stay a lot.

Zen Garden Labyrinth

Pyramid Valley Labyrinth

After seeing the Gaushala, we crossed the Zen Garden and noticed the pattern of a Labyrinth in the garden.

The Labyrinth symbolizes the journey to our inner circle and back again out into the world. Labyrinths are a representation of meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Activities You Can Do in Pyramid Valley Kanakpura Road


After feeding the cow, we also felt like having something.

There is a Nitya Annadāna Seva, where Vegetarian and Sattvik lunch and dinner are served to all the visitors, free of cost. Such food is believed to prepare you well for meditation and spiritual seeking.

We were served a generous portion of rice, sambhar, buttermilk, and pickles.

After finishing the meal, we need to wash our dishes with water, and then the volunteers do another round of cleaning.

The lunch timing is from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm, and the dinner timing is from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Vegetarian Cafe

Vegetarian Cafe

If your timings do not match the lunch timing of Annadāna, there is a vegetarian cafe for your rescue.

There is a good range of hot and cold beverages, Sandwiches, Indian and a few Chinese dishes.

A rejuvenating cup of coffee was all that we needed at that time while our son ordered a sandwich since he had been busy filming us at the Annadāna Dining Hall.

Let me share the detailed menu, which was hand-written on a whiteboard.

Pyramid Valley Menu

Paradise is a paddle away.

If you believe in the right balance between a healthy mind and body, there is something for you. There is this beautiful lake where you can enjoy Kayaking for a while.

You can try out Kayaking at a cost of Rs.100 per person.

In this place, not only did we see boats in water but also water in the boat.

Meditation Energy Spots

For any day visitor, the timings are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and the access is limited to the abovementioned areas.

There are specific energy spots, namely, Osho Viewpoint, Tapastali, Adi Shakti Dhyana Kshetram, and Milarepa Akhanda Dhyana Pyramids, for the seekers who plan to spend some days in the aesthetically designed and eco-friendly suites, rooms, or dormitories.

The campus is beautifully landscaped with water bodies, lush greens, and coconut trees and offers a magnificent milieu to meditators and spiritual seekers.


Pyramid Valley Rooms

Pyramid Valley International has a range of stay options to offer. One can choose eco-friendly Luxury Suites (AC), Deluxe Rooms (Non-AC), standard rooms, or dormitories.

It’s a beautiful place to stay in mid of nature. Since meditation and spiritualism do not differentiate between the rich and not-so-rich, the site offers accommodation to meet all budgets.

The rooms have also been named very beautifully. You would find the rooms with the names AYA, Santham and Dharmam, and the dormitories are called Siddha and Vaishaki


While taking a tour of the blissful surroundings, I had an opportunity to talk to some volunteers.

Few had been staying there for the last 2-3 months and had been contributing to the cause in one way or the other.

In case you wish to volunteer, you need to put up a request for the same. Your request is then forwarded to the Trust, which approves it per their criteria.

I was also informed that for residential volunteering, the minimum duration is 1 month, and usually, volunteers below 50 years are preferred.

Food and accommodation are taken care of under Nitya Annadāna Seva, and dormitories are available for the volunteers.

Contact Details for Pyramid Valley International

Pyramid Valley Water in Boat

For more details, please get in touch with the numbers mentioned below:

  • Reception: 8147093627
  • Programs & Workshops: 8147093627 / 28
  • Pyramids & Spiritual Books: 8147093623
  • You can also refer the below-mentioned websites for specific information:
  • Alternatively, you can also mail for more information on the below-mentioned email:

Location Map

You can reach this beautiful place by following the below map:

Your location to pyramid valley international – Google Maps

Summary & Conclusion

Pyramid Valley King's Chamber

Let me summarize few important details about this blissful campus:

  • Distance – 35 KMs from Bangalore
  • Timings – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Parking Space – Ample, just be careful about the unexpectedly falling coconuts while parking below coconut trees.
  • Parking Charges – INR 50/-
  • Free Lunch – Nitya Annadāna Seva Dining Hall, free lunch for visitors
  • Lunch Timing – 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm
  • Vegetarian Café – Hot and Cold Beverages, Sandwiches & Indian Food
  • Café Timing – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Drinking Water – RO Water Coolers are Available to refill your bottles. Bisleri bottles are available at Café.
  • Toilets – Hygienic Toilets are available   
  • Activities – Meditation, Kayaking, Shopping
  • If time permits for you, you can also explore the big Banyan tree.

Alternatively, if you are looking for information on Ashrams and volunteering, please explore our detailed guide on Ashrams in India.

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