Just like every other road trip, ours was also not planned. One day after coming back from work, heard my mom talking to someone and later that night I was being informed that we are going to Haridwar tomorrow morning and even I am a part of it.

Well, I was in a dilemma as to what should I tell my boss, that I am going to Haridwar to wash off my sins out of nowhere or should I just say my dog is not well. Making an excuse really took me down to my memory lane, where for everything we have to come up with an excuse for not doing something. But no matter how old you are using your ‘Dog’ as an excuse never gets old.


Haridwar People

Haridwar is a place to wash off your sins when you take a bath in the river Ganga. One of the purest river in India. Haridwar is situated in Uttarakhand, a state in North India. Well, it’s a place where you will find people coming from all over the world. Before being a famous tourist destination it is a place to worship God.

Just so you know Haridwar is filled with people whenever you visit. So while my visit to Haridwar, I was accompanied by my parents, my uncle, and aunt, my brother and sister in law with their daughter. Well going with the elderly can never be fun. And that’s what I used to think until now.


But to my surprise, my visit was fun, yet entertaining. Yeah, it’s hard to believe I know. So we started off at around 4:00 A.M. in the morning because it takes around 8-9 hours to reach Haridwar from Delhi by road. But we had this thing in mind that it won’t be an easy task to drive for this long. So we decided to hire a taxi or a tempo traveler for our own sake. It was a one-day round trip from Delhi to Haridwar and back to Delhi.


So as we started and after 2 hours we all were hungry. Well not all but some. But we were lucky enough to carry homemade sandwiches with us. But those weren’t enough. Because Punjabis need to have a ‘Paratha (stuffed Roti) with Butter floating over it with lassi (buttermilk yogurt with water) all in all we need fat in everything’.  Now the urge to have food more and more grew as we continued to travel. After a traveling for few 100-150 Kilometers, we stopped at a restaurant to have a proper breakfast and from there on we continued our journey.

I can not really imagine myself to be enjoying this trip as I was getting to know about all the different stories from the people I was traveling with. From their childhood and what all they did and how my childhood was different from theirs. From stealing mangos to becoming serious about running a business and what not. Well, I wish how I could’ve done that, but it’s never too late you see.


In all our road trips we have all these kinds of people we love to travel with and without whom our trips will not be complete because ‘birds of a feather flock together’. Yeah, that stands true for those you love traveling irrespective of their interest and place they want to visit. But whenever a road trip has been planned and we are on our way, we come across different but amazing characters, coincidently or not every family has one of these:-

Chatterbox the one who will always go on and on about the things his/her boss said, talking about every other thing and keeping everyone entertained. ‘Let’s stop here’ coming from Mr. Fresher of the group. He would want to use the washroom because its natures call and you have to answer it.

‘Do you have something to eat? See there is a dhaba. This place looks so good, let’s eat here.’ One person in every group who can eat like crazy and still says ‘I am hungry’. That is bakasur for you.‘People stop talking I have some work, don’t talk, don’t laugh, don’t even play the music’ coming from Mr. Kaam Ka Keeda, who just thinks about his work life and carries his laptop everywhere he goes.

‘Take a right from the red light and you’ll reach a mind-blowing place’. The person with GPS encrypted in his mind. Mr. Maalum Bhai of the group. ‘Please guys talk softly, I’m trying to sleep here’ No matter how much you talk or how loud the music is, Mr. Sleepy head will sleep anywhere and everywhere.

Not saying that my parents or my uncle or aunt aren’t one of these but traveling with them was truly amazing and was no less than an adventure. But have you ever heard a tempo driver whom you have never met in your life started to share his stories with you and your family? That’s a rarity. Well, it was the first time for us all. Road trips get you close to the people with whom you already are.

Haridwar Aarti

Road trips with such characters are always fun. You just can’t seem to ignore them, no matter how much you try. In one way or the other, they will get your attention. Even though you’ll say that you don’t want to travel with them, but still you will because the group is incomplete if they won’t be present.


Being to Haridwar was one such memorable trip. But then I considered PicNtic Travels for a round trip cab rentals yet again for Delhi to Agra. Well, this time I went to Agra, not that I am fond of that place. Well because it was the first time, I and my two sisters made a plan and executed it the right way. Making a plan during a normal discussion about Taj Mahal. But then that making a plan on the basis of that discussion was yet amazing.

Taj Mahal one of the seven wonders of the world is situated in Agra. Agra is a place where you will find palaces. I did hear things about Agra being unsafe because it comes under Uttar Pradesh. Well, that was a myth because I was walking the roads of at 1 AM in the night. Agra a must visit place for everyone.

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