Hyderabad To Goa Road Trip – A place that is undoubtedly the heartthrob of every travel enthusiast merely desires any introduction. Not only popular for its unbelievable beaches but for its wonderful architectural styles, lip-smacking seafood as well as its Feni along with the cheap liquor and petrol.

Every inch of Goa is totally infused in warmth and love and hence one amongst the most well-liked places to visit in India. A tourist destination that makes everyone feel so special and invited. I know you all must have already been to these charming places several times by now, but how many of you have done a road trip to Goa?


A place that urges you to visit again and again took my heart too, and just to add a little more spunk to our trip we opted for the road trip this time. To begin with, there are mainly 3 routes that can be opted for a road journey from Hyderabad to Goa. Out of which, the first 2 routes are the preferred ones as taking less time.

  1. Hyderabad – Mahbubnagar – Raichur – Sindhanur – Dharwad – Anmod – Goa. This route can take around 14 hours, covering a road distance of 652 km. En route, you may choose to stop at Gadwal and Raichur Forts which takes you close to the historical era.
  2. Hyderabad – Zaheerbad – Gulbarga – Bagalkot – Belgaum – Mollem – Goa.  Ideally, this route also takes nearly 14 hours to reach Goa, covering a distance of 680 km and thus we had chosen this route. However, due to some wrong turns and late-night traveling, it took us almost 16 – 17 hours to reach our destination. This route has some amazing historical marvels to flaunt which include Gulbarga fort, Buddha Vihar, and Badami caves to name a few.
  3. Hyderabad – Mahbubnagar – Kurnool – Ballari – Hospet – Hubli – Dharwad – Goa. This seems to be the longest route that takes 15 hours, covering a distance of 730 km. However, this route will take you to the historical Hampi ruins which is a surprise package for history lovers and is a UNESCO heritage site.


  • Duration- 4 Nights, 5 Days
  • Stay – South Goa, Palolem beach
  • Goa – Exploration- North & South Goa


It was the month of April and we (me and my husband) had 4-5 days of unexpected holidays in our hands. With absolutely no mood to miss this golden opportunity, we decided to go for a road trip to the most happening Goa.

So, while not giving a reconsideration, we packed our bag within the night and with some homely cooked breakfast and tea in the flask, began our road trip to Goa. Inspired by the “Dil Chahta Hai” movie casts, we also wanted to have a third friend in the car so took along our dear friend GPS.


The trip started with the breezy early morning with gleeful chirping birds and lots of stopovers to click some beautiful pictures. The roads were extremely comfortable and good to drive on. Little did we knew that we would sense a problem soon.

It was around 2 noon and we were completely exhausted and famished by then but to our surprise could find no decent place to grab a quick lunch. To add to our frustration and relying on our best friend’s GPS, we took a turn realizing much later that it had been underneath construction. The trail that showed in google maps of a mere half-hour took our two hours of journey.

Cursing the afternoon heat, GPS, and no food convenience on the highway, we decided to continue our journey with actually no choice left. I think it was almost 7 or 8 in the evening when we finally reached Belgaum. I remember, the hungry us forgot all the civilizations in a second and went crazy at the very sight of the food.


Honestly, I am not very pleased with my call taken in the past, to drive through the jungle in an exceedingly pitch dark night. Instead, we could have merely opted for a night stay at Belgaum. Giving our body a few hours of sleep and some break from our long road journey would have been really refreshing.

However, it absolutely was too late to grasp that we have got already invited great troubles with open arms. With every passing moment, my brain was prompting me with all the paranormal scenes I could imagine from our Bollywood movies.

The thoughts like someone stopping us to loot, to the lady ghost sporting her white saree and enjoying the same car ride, often came to my mind. You surely can have a good laugh at these silly thoughts of mine, however, I would love to give a pat on my shoulder for pretending so brave at that moment.


As if it was not enough that we saw a leopard enjoying his night stroll, giving my weak heart all the more reasons to pound fast. By now, I was reciting whatever little Hanuman Chalisa I knew and wishing for a safe reach to our destination. If not that, at least a few hours to enjoy in Goa, before becoming the scrumptious meal of this beautiful wild creature.


After so much drama to experience in one day, the first police check-post was a sign of relief. However, it had been already past 11 in the night and all the shops were closed. To my surprise, we couldn’t notice one person over there as we didn’t expect such a lifeless night in Goa.

Fortunately, a small betel shop was still opened and my husband approached a police guy standing at the shop to guide us with the route. He was kind enough to take us out of those narrow streets and took us to the main road. He also explained to us a way to plan our further journey.

After good 5-10 minutes, we again felt nervous as it looked like an old street with most of the street lights not working and houses next to the road all closed. Having no choice left with us, we were driving on the winding road with our lost mobile network.

Fortunately, soon we saw a man walking along with his dog in the middle of the road. Without wasting any time, my husband stopped his car next to him so that we could ask him about the route. However, a drunk guy approached us from nowhere and place his hand inside the window making an attempt to open the door. Oh god, somehow we managed to flee from that place and determined not to stop now.

The road looked like never-ending as it was already 40 minutes on the road so we again decided to stop a car who at least had some family inside. It felt like they were the people sent by God to us and eventually we got down at our naval guestroom at midnight. The journey started at 6 in the morning and got over at 11 in the night and took us almost 17 hours to reach this beautiful place.


After 17 hours of exhausting yet unforgettable road journey, we wanted to have a relaxing day so we headed towards the Palolem beach in south Goa. One of the most gorgeous beaches of this region, it was a perfect place to unwind and attain some peace.

The beach also had wonderful shacks available to laze around and enjoy the sunbath. One could also find music lovers enjoying some music on their headphones instead of playing loud music on speakers.

Since we had been to Goa before so we didn’t want to go to many places this time. The next day, we drove down to the extremely popular Agoda fort and Baga beach in North Goa. In contrast to South Goa, North Goa is a place full of countless tourists enjoying the loud music and partying on the beach itself.

I also got some beading done on my hair and bought some junk jewelry to style my look. Additionally, I would suggest you read about the things to do in North Goa to get some more details about this beautiful land.

Oh, so you are interested in South Goa? we do have another popular post on South Goa places to visit.


Me being an Odia is a seafood lover and being in Goa, didn’t want to miss the crab curry. Just to show us the size of the crab, the restaurant staff got the live crab on a plate, and sadly, that my husband didn’t react well. Once seeing the crab moving his legs, he dropped the idea of having it and instead chosen the safest Pomfret fish.

We also went to a restaurant called Nostalgia, which serves authentic Goan and Portuguese delicacies. The ambiance galvanized by the old Portuguese décor and live music was truly the bonus to our visit.

Road trips have always been fun, not solely it adds a thrill to the journey but allows you to explore many scenic beauties on the way too. We have many other attention-grabbing road trip experiences for you, one of which is the Bangalore to Goa road trip.


  1. Carry sufficient water and food snacks in your car as the possibility of finding any good place to eat is very less.
  2. Study your driving route thoroughly and keep a scanned map on your phone to avoid any emergency like loss of mobile network. Also, carry power banks to keep the phone fully charged.
  3. If it’s late in the evening and you have barely reached Belgaum then I would recommend taking a halt and resume your journey in the morning.
  4. Keep the glass windows of your car closed and car doors locked while driving on unknown roads and avoid stopping in between or speak to a stranger.


Goa is one popular destination that needs no particular day or time to attract its visitors. Yet, if we wish to have pleasant weather to accompany us then November to February is the ideal time. Out of which, December is the time with a countless number of tourists due to the carnival events.

A road trip to Goa during Monsoons can be a bonus in your travel kitty as one can expect beautiful landscapes and waterfalls on the way.


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  1. Airways – The nearest airport in Goa is the Dabolim airport which is well connected with other flights of the country.
  2. Train – The nearest railway station is the Vasco Da Gama railway station which is also well connected with other trains of the country.
  3. Road – Alternatively, Goa can be reached via road in both government or private buses or car too. A few of the most frequent road journeys of Goa are Mumbai to Goa and Bangalore to Goa.


Right from choosing a wrong turn to meeting the wild friend, this road trip gave us a story to boast about. Warning us to not trust any stranger at one place and relying completely on the strangers at the very next place, made us realize that life actually is complicated.

Road trips are always fun, however, this road trip to Goa would always remain special to me for the experience it gave to us.

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