Sinna Dorai Mangorange , is for those who are in search of the best and authentic private stays in the middle of acres of Tea plantation. What you won’t get is TVs in the bedrooms or infinite pools.

In today’s world, everyone is speaking and giving you the information about how to travel better on budget and something similar stuff. At times, too much information leads to ambiguity in deciding where to go next.

Travel & Experience- It’s all About Individual’s Choice

Every individual has its selection of travel and expertise, and therefore if you ask about mine, it is about meaningful and authentic travel.I keep exploring new places, hidden destinations and document those on my blog here at TravelEscape

Experience of Staying at Sinna Dorai Bungalows

We stayed as a group at Sinna Dorai bungalow Kadamane, Sakleshpura which is in Karnataka. We were a group of 8 adults with one kid, the experience of staying at 100 years old bungalow was pure bliss amidst in the middle of 1000 acres of the Tea estate.

Therefore, while planning & selecting for our next family holiday in around Nilgiri Sinna Dorai Mangorange bungalow at Pandalur, Devala Tamil Nadu was my first choice. The third biggest property of Parry Agro is in Valpari.

Look Beyond Over-Commercialized Ooty

If you are reading the content, I am sure you might have visited Ooty numerous times before like many of us, and whenever we think of taking a new break, somehow Ooty pops up. I am on a mission to map the less explored and offbeat destinations, and Sinna Dorai Mangorange bungalow perfectly fits in here.

Sinna Dorai’s home at Mango Range is located in Gudalur and nicely tucked in the ranges and hills between the Nilgiri hills of Wayanad in Kerala and Ooty. Ooty is approx 100 Km up from the estate.

Devala- Once famous For Goldmines-Now a Plantation Paradise

Farms in the Nilgiri – Wayanad district were first opened around 1845 by Mr. James Ouchterlony. The initial attempts at coffee plantation failed due to pest infestation, and the needed salvation came in the form of a gold rush in 1874, when as many as 40+ companies were floated in England to prospect for precious gold in the area around the region.

The rush for gold short-lived and as the luck follows harvesting of Tea started in around lower Nilgiri around 1916. As you take a right from Gudalur town center from Ooty- Mysore road, you will witness the fast-changing landscape, and sooner you will witness the Tea estates all around.

Sinna Dorai MangoRange – Our Home in Nilgiri

sinna Dorrai Bungalow Rooms

sinna Dorrai Bungalow Rooms

If I have to summarize our experience at the estate which was all ours for two nights three days is all about relaxation on the veranda, the garden and look out the green and misty mountains around the estate. Yes, that’s all about yourself and admiring the beautiful mother nature around you.

The bungalow is located at the top of the Tea estate and so guaranteed to give you the most impressive and spectacular view of the surrounding landscape. You will hear the birds chirping and their singing around the farm in the morning and evening.

Sinna Dorai Mangorange- Activities To Do 

1) Trek To The Goldmine

Inside GoldMine

Inside GoldMine

Don’t worry; the trek is in easy to reasonable range from the base camp where the Jeep will drop you (you can get Jeep on hire by paying Rs900/-). Also not to be super glad that you will find precious metal inside the goldmine.

However, an experience of a lifetime and seeing how the determination of humans can dig deep inside the mountain would leave you speechless. We met a man who is in private mining activity for 35- 40 years.

2) Take The Tea Trail Or Walk Around The Estate

View From GoldMine

View From GoldMine

Follow your heart and take Tea trail within the Estate – learn the meaning of happiness of doing small and straightforward things in life. Want to know how a cup of tea processed from the tea leaves? Recommended taking a guided tour of the largest tea factory in the area.

3) Wine and Dine & Relax

The Sinna Dorai Bungalow’s cooks are the finest in the estate. Therefore all guaranteed for authentic homemade food while you are the guest of the property. We recommend you not to visit the property with “things to do” in mind. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the nature, surroundings, and hospitality.

Sinna Dorai Mangorange- Recommendation & Tips

They say with the right expectation beforehand you won’t be disappointed and the same thing goes true with such specialized homestays or I call as unique stay experience.

Do keep in mind while planning a trip to Sinna Dorai’s Bungalow is that the whole concept is on getting authentic stay & maintaining the food options more towards promoting local cuisine and taste.

Plan A Memorable Trip to the Estate Only if you want a True Experience

  • You won’t find LCD/LED TV sets, swimming pools, or high-speed internet in such authentic homestays.
  • You need to tell your food preferences well in advance so that the staff at the estate would prepare and make them ready for you
  • Avoid venturing out in the estate late at night; there are good chances of wild elephants roaming in around the estate
  • Recommended making an advance booking by paying 50 % advance. The Bungalow has three big comfortable rooms, one common eating area, and a standard room.
  • We recommend you to check in on weekdays as you would enjoy the luxury of owning the Bungalow and stay in full comfort
  • The Estate doesn’t allow bachelor’s & bike riders so please ensure you seek to confirm a reservation and all clarification done by Sinna Dorai Mangorange manager
  • The best time to visit is Monsoon if you only want to witness the rains and mist, else winter would be perfect with a cool evening and morning with enough sunshine during noon

How To Reach (Direction to the Estate)

If you choose to make an approach from the Bangalore or Mysore, you have to come to Gudalur town on the way to Ooty. From Gudalur red light signal, take the right road that leads to Devala and finally to Pandalur Town (22 KM).

You will see the Tea factory to the left and then take a right narrow road to the right and follow the Sinna Dorai’s signage to the Bungalow. We recommend checking with the estate manager on routes and the latest condition of weather around the town for your hassle-free drive and memorable holiday.

Latest Weather & Temperature Forecast

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Our Video On Sinna Dorai Bungalow Mangorange Nilgiri


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