Skydiving in Nepal– We all love to do adventurous activities, but skydiving? No? Not everyone’s cup of tea. Although it’s a tandem skydiving, I was apprehensive and afraid as well, on the other hand, my husband was super excited. But diving over the Annapoorna range gave another dimension to our life.


We wanted to do something excited so we contacted GoBeepBeep. They organize Skydive over the Himalayans once every year and November 2018 was their third consecutive year. They have own arrangements and permissions/permits from the government bodies in Nepal. The package consisted of the 6D/5N stay and a tandem skydive, and domestic flight to Pokhara and return from Kathmandu.

GoBeepBeep organizes many adventurous activities all around the globe. Solo skydiving, Northern Lights tour, Swimming with whales are few to be named. Our overall experience with them was very good.

Nepal:- Our neighboring country and home to Himalayan range and beauty. Though it is an underdeveloped country it’s the main source of income is tourism. Visa for Indian nationals in on arrival. Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is well connected with direct flights from almost all metro cities of India.

Pokhara:- A city in central Nepal around 150 km away, situated along Phewa lake. It’s a beautiful city and a gateway to the Annapurna circuit. Kathmandu- Pokhara flight is around 30 min.


Apart from being a beautiful city, Pokhara is an adventure lovers’ choice as well. One can opt from many activities like

  • Annapoorna Base camp trek
  • Ziplining
  • Paragliding
  • Ultralight Glider flight
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Rafting
  • Hiking etc
Around Nepal

Around Nepal


With a flight from Bangalore to Kathmandu via Delhi and reached at around 2.30 pm. It was cloudy in Kathmandu but we were able to see Mt Everest from the plane only before landing. And we were not even aware that we can see Mt Everest like that.

 It was for the first time that we are taking any group holiday. For an activity like this yes, most of the people were young. So mingling with new people from all across India was a different experience.


We Landed in Kathmandu around 2.30 pm and reached the hotel in Z Street, Thamel. After a small introduction, we relaxed a bit and went around. Thamel is a beautiful place and the city’s main nightlife zone. Small lanes, all lighted up, n number of restraints, pubs and lounges and music all around. We opted for open restraint where Nepali cultural songs were playing. After having our dinner we headed back to our room and slept because we were to take 7 AM flight to Pokhara the next day.


Got up early and gathered at the hotel reception, all geared up for the 45min domestic flight to Pokhara. Pokhara is the place where we will be staying for the next 3 days and do our skydive. But never knew that God wanted to test our patience before that. Flights were Kathmandu airport to Pokhara, Lukla etc were all postponed because of bad weather.

Being the domestic airport and people to go all around the places in Nepal there was a huge rush. No place to sit around, limited food created panic by the time it was 12 but no clue whether the air traffic will resume or not. Few flights for other places do take off and landed as well but no sign of ours. But then finally when ours have announced for 2 PM take off we all were relieved. But no skydive was possible that day now.

Reached Pokhara at around 4 PM. And as soon as we came out the Ananpoorna range was there to welcome us. It was so close and beautiful. After settling down in our hotel we went around, It’s a beautiful place. The main street is full of shops, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, book shops, live music. You really feel that u r in foreign. Pokhara balances its day and nightlife so well.

All of us were tired but not tired enough to go to a club to drink, dine and dance till 2 at night.

In & Around Pokhara

Blissful Pokhara


We started with a hope to dive. The first lot went to the site but due to the bad weather conditions, no skydive was possible that day also.

It’s a place of adventure sports as well. Since our day was free so we rented a bike and went for Ziplining. It is Asia’s steepest zip lining after Dubai. We could not do it bcoz we brought our bike and there was no one to take our bike to the drop point. We moved, moved to some unknown routes in the outskirts of Pokhara. W went to enjoy near the river, went on the hanging bridge and had a riverside lunch as well.

We also went to Mahender caves and Bats cave. I went inside with a local tourist guide. To my surprise, there were thousands and thousands of bats inside the caves. It was scary but fun. By the time we reached it was so cold that I was almost shivering. Others also went to do other activities like rafting, hiking, paragliding, etc.

Everyone enjoyed their leisure time but were worried whether the sun will shine the next morning allowing us to skydive, bcoz it was a group of around 76 people spread over 4 days time slots to dive and 2 days already passed by with only 2 skydives.

We all gathered for the bonfire in the hotel. Everyone was feeling the same, will we be able to dive. If not then? Our diving team head who has the experience of 15 yrs in tandem skydiving came and addressed us. He also assured us that if things will fall in the place he can cover us all in the next 2 days. It was difficult but not impossible. We all were sad but thought everything happens for a reason.

Flying like a bird

Flying like a bird


Weather was comparatively better, the first group went for the dive but dive couldn’t start before 12 noon.

In the meantime, we decided to go for Ultralight glider. Yes, we were doing it for the first time. It was a half an hour ride to touch down and in no time we realized that we are like birds flying close very close to the mountain range. There are 3 to 4 companies organizing this but we chose. Although expensive we did it.

Came back by noon and got to know only a few people could skydive. All were doing their bit of calculations about how to go about. Late afternoon and my husband went for zip lining which he couldn’t do the previous day and this time I went to the hotel to sleep or in reality, I was very nervous and afraid for the skydive the next day. All negativity surrounded me at that time.

Late evening again we went for a walk alongside the lake. Its such a beautiful place with a temple in the center. Evenings, nights whenever we had time we use to go to the lakeside and enjoyed our food or snacks there.

More around Pokhara

Nore around Pokhara


We were in the first lot for the divings for the day. The site was again 30 mins from the city.  It was a clear and sunny sky and almost more than 50 dives have to be done that day(few decided to stay one extra day).

And finally, the movement came for which we were in Pokhara, whole set up, our instructors around helicopter in front and sky above. We could see our instructors packing the parachute. My husband was first to dive that day and I was second. I was so nervous that I forgot to take his pics even.

Then came my turn, I did whatever they instructed me to do and finally, I was in the helicopter at 12000 ft and then in the air freefall for almost 15 seconds. I couldn’t feel anything. I remember each and every second that went by but to express today by writing down is very difficult for me.

My diver and the photographer knew that I am a gone case. After those 40 seconds when they opened the parachute and I felt now ok I am fine “ab to mai bach hi hai”.  After the freefall, we were in the air for almost 10 minutes to finally realize what we have achieved and then finally landed.

Skydiving in Nepal

Skydiving in Nepal

On the contrary, my husband enjoyed every bit of his skydiving. He has seen his video more than 200 times by now. But I can say it was a wonderful experience and though I was afraid at that time I really want to do it again to enjoy it to the fullest.

We came back by noon enjoyed our lunch for another success and decided to go for boating and to the Tal Barahi temple. Since it was our last day group of decided to go to World Peace Pagoda.

Later that night we all had a party to celebrate the success with all the crew members and support staff.

The next day we departed back to Kathmandu to take our respective flights. Since we had time in between so a group of us hired a taxi from the airport to visit Pashupati Nath Temple(which we missed the first day).

Being Sunday there was a huge crowd. After visiting the temple we asked our driver to take us for some authentic Nepali food and came back to the airport.


Why don’t you watch the small video made from our Nepal’s skydiving time, let us know in the comment how does it feel?


We all boarded our respective flights with a once in a lifetime experience and lots of beautiful memories to cherish. All the apprehensions and fear faded away. We recommend GoBeepBeep for Skydiving in Nepal.

The professionalism, dedication, and enthusiasm of the whole team were commendable. Although it was our first group trip it was really very nice to know and gel with so many new people. It was fun and our pleasure to be part of this group.


  • Don’t be afraid, it’s not that scary.
  • Enjoy every movement of it.
  • Age and weight don’t matter.
  • Only if you have height phobia or some serious health issues, then plz consult the team beforehand.
  • If you have time extend your stay and you can even go to Annapoorna base camp and return, but that will be expensive.
  • Check weather conditions as you are on the foot of Himalaya.


Mt Everest

Mighty Mt Everest


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