How does it feel to travel first time to Amsterdam? and if it has to be first solo female travel? Read out my one day trip to Amsterdam or AMS where I am sharing all good things to do!


Amsterdam: Hello friends, today I have something interesting to share with you all. First of all, if you haven’t visited Amsterdam then you have truly missed one of the beautiful places in Europe. But let’s say if you are in Amsterdam only for a day that too with your luggage then what all things you can do, continue reading how I spent 1 day in Amsterdam central.

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amstredam canals

Amsterdam has amazing facts like they have more bicycles around (881,000) which is four times more than the number of cars. They have special bicycle parking and one of the biggest parking is at AMS central station.

They have Red Light District, again very much near to Central station and its legal but there is no photography allowed. Also, it is very much crowded and girls sitting inside with sexy outfits with closed glass door and there are security guards at many places so the girls will feel safe and even if you approach those girls they can decide if they want to take you(men) in. So without their consent, it’s not possible even if you have enough money! I really felt good and respected for this.

AMS is the city of beautiful canals if you do canal tour in a daytime or night time it is equally beautiful.AMS has a tulip garden open only for 8 weeks in the entire year and it’s definitely the best place to visit during summer, you can watch detailed video/vlog for same on my youtube channel.  I will be unfolding many things in my today’s story.


Amstredam Lock

I was at AMS central station with my check-in bag which was quite empty as I wanted to do some (I mean a lot of) shopping from Primark.

Primark is very much affordable and fashionable clothing and accessories store at walkable distance from Central. Location is Damrak 77.  I, of course, ended up shopping a lot and dumped everything in my empty bag, but I was worried to carry it to every place which I plan to visit nearby.

So that time I found this place called LOCK (they let you keep your luggage safely like for a day you pay 7 euros) this was again at a walkable distance from Primark which was an amazing deal. They also sell tickets at a discounted price for several attractions.


amsterdam food guide

Now I was free to roam all by myself. I was quite hungry so I tried Polland’s best fries with a lot of mayonnaise. You shouldn’t be missing this as this is amazing with a variety of options. Well, the box in my hand is smaller and trust me,  I was struggling to finish it.


Amsterdam tulip

I was full of energy and I went to “Lovers canal tour” point which is exactly in front of central station. You can buy their ticket at the office (but there can be a long long queue) OR you can book it online in advance (

Canal tour has multiple options from semi-open boat to a personal ferry, and it lasts from 1 hour to half or an entire day. It’s up to which package you take. I was into a semi-open boat with audio which explains about different places as you pass by them. Some people can also book these kinds of rooms for multiple days so you definitely enjoy even more.

During summer, on a nice warm sunny day people are enjoying their meal nearby canal, this was so beautiful to see and I felt like joining them but I had few things on my agenda to finish in limited time.


Adam Lookout

I thoroughly enjoyed this canal tour and wished to do it again, but I wanted to some adventures thing as well. So, I took another ferry from the back side of the central station to ADAM’s LOOKOUT. This ferry is free of cost and leaves every 15 to 30 minutes between these 2 stops.

Yes, these swings which I wanted to try – entry to this place is 13 Euros which takes you to top floor by very fast elevator and you then enjoy these swings at the edge of the building and click pictures or shoot video.

I took the same ferry and came back to the central station, Ate nice food with chilled beer on my way back to the airport Central has direct metro connectivity to Schiphol Airport station.

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