Spotting Tiger & Safari At Bannerghatta Biological Park

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Spotting Tiger & Safari At Bannerghatta Biological Park

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If you are one who loves animals in their natural habitat, you must head towards Bannerghatta Biological Park– Bangaluru. The safari , will grantee the seeing of mighty Lions to majestic tigers in open. Entry fee to Bannerghatta Biological Park is INR 250 for indian and 400 for expats.

Butterfly park situated within Bannerghatta Biological Park and is must visit after safari. Bannerghatta National Park was conceived and started in August 1971. Focus was on conservation of wildlife and promotion of wildlife tourism with special intention to create recreation facilities to the urban population of the fast growing city Bangalore.

The Park is situated off 22 kms from city limits, with City buses plying from major parts of city. Though the park is over crowded on weekends and holidays, still you can have a glimpse of jungle and its creatures.

Recommended for avid nature and tigers lovers but on weekdays. Bannerghatta Biological Park  is closed on Tuesday._MG_0069 elephant1 Lion1 tiger2 _MG_0047 butterfly _MG_0063

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