Travel to Yanam. My parents had come to visit us in Vishakhapatnam for few days. They had already seen most of the sights and tourist attractions of Vishakhapatnam on their previous visit.

So, this time we planned for a trip to another nearby place. My mother had heard a lot about the beautiful temples of Yanam, so we planned a weekend trip to the city.


As we wanted to start early morning and see the sights on the way, so we decided to go by car. But my car wouldn’t be able to accommodate us all for the trip, which was a matter of concern until my husband came up with a solution. He suggested that we book a reliable cab from Visakhapatnam to Pondicherry.

This plan solved our issues as we wouldn’t need to worry about driving the distance and also ensured comfort for everyone. So my husband and I did some research on the internet to find out about cab services. Saavari car rental was one of the top results, and it also had amazing reviews. So we went onto the website and dropped a message. A few minutes later, a Savaari executive called us to get more details about our trip.

We explained our requirements, the number of people going and the kind of car we would require, and the executive suggested a comprehensive package for us. The Saavari package as it was quite reasonable, so we went ahead and finalized the trip.


Our Saavari driver arrived punctually at the given time. The vehicle that he had brought for the trip looked well maintained. We stowed our luggage into the car and sat comfortably.

The Saavari chauffer was courteous and seemed like he was a professional at his job. He asked us which way to take to Pondicherry according to our comfort, as there were two routes. One was via Nakkapalle and Kakinada and the other was via Nakkapalle and Rajahmundry.

My parents wanted to drop by at Kakinada for a while, and that route was shorter too, so we took the Nakkapalle and Kakinada route to Pondicherry. Once we started off on the trip, it really felt as though we made a good decision of getting a cab. The driver made sure that we were comfortable through the way, confirming the fact that we were able to get a top-rated cab in Vishakhapatnam with Savaari.


We started quite early in the morning and it was still a little dark, so we couldn’t really see much on the way. Most of us had a comfortable nap in the car for a couple of hours before we reached Nakkapalle. We asked the driver to make a pit stop at a road-side tea stall for a bit.

After tea and some light refreshment, we headed to the Upamaka Cave temple in Nakkapalle. It was an ancient pilgrimage place for Hindus. The beautiful temple and the lake near it made a serene atmosphere. We relaxed near the lake and enjoyed the early morning peace and tranquillity.


After a while, we started off again on our journey, and the next stop was Kakinada. There are many places of interest here, but we had planned to see the Sarpavaram Temple and the Kakinada beach. We went to the temple and then spent some time on the beautiful beach.

We then started the last leg of our road trip. It took us half an hour to reach Yanam from Kakinada, after which we checked into our pre-booked hotel rooms. After having some lunch and then getting some rest, we started off to the Venakka Babu temple. It is an ancient temple famous for its unusual deity/idol with a mustache.



We roamed around the beautiful temple and then proceeded towards the Godavari river. It was almost evening and the view of the river was great at this hour. From here, we headed to the Rajiv Gandhi beach. The beautiful sunset looked more enchanting by the dazzling water. We lazed around the beach till nightfall, then proceeded back to our hotel for a comfortable night rest.

The next day we started early after breakfast at the hotel. The morning was devoted to visiting Draksharamam. The Shiva temple is famous among Hindu devotees, and along with its lush green gardens, it makes for a peaceful and unpolluted environment.

From there went to Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary. It is famous for its mangrove forest and rare species of birds. Its rich nature and diverse wildlife were worth spending hours admiring. After spending a few hours in the tranquil natural surroundings of the sanctuary, we went to visit the Grand mosque and Catholic church. In the evening, we went to Sivalayam, another famous temple. From there a short trip to the beach, before heading back to Vishakhapatnam.


Kakinada to Yanam

People travel to Pondicherry from Vishakhapatnam by train or bus or by car/taxi. Train and bus follow a fixed time table, and then to roam in Pondicherry one will need a car or use public transport. Going by your own car is also an option as the distance is not too much. But by taking a rental taxi, you can make sure you don’t miss out on the beautiful and scenic road. You would also be well-rested to enjoy Pondicherry.

Saavari offers affordable Vishakhapatnam to Pondicherry packages with road trip expert drivers. They have different types of taxis according to group size and requirement. Saavari follows a transparent billing system and has zero cancellation charge policy as well. Their cars/taxis are easy to book both online and offline. They ensure the safety of passengers with an absolute comfortable journey.


The distance from Vishakhapatnam to Yanam is 182 km and can vary according to the route taken or the starting point. The journey takes about 4 hours to complete.


Yanam is a must visit vacation spot from Vishakhapatnam. The beautiful serene environment and ancient temples are perfect for a weekend getaway. So, when are you making your Yanam French town visit?

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