Tibet Tour:– After hearing a lot about Tibet, its culture, beauty and many eye-catching sights, I have finally decided to make a Tibet tour. My lot of friend has already visited the place. They have informed me about its beauty and also state that it is an ideal place to visit.


It’s my bad luck I can’t able to go and join that tour. I intended to go along with them but due to my busy schedule, I dropped the plan. Now, finally, after a few years, I have again planned to make a Tibet tour. I already read enough about the Tibet like its currency, weather, festivals, bank, and any related information.

I always being loved by the various places to visit and know much about it. I am very excited about going china tour. I just packed my overall needs but I just light packed my bag.

Once, I have collected all these information, I went through an important information which is about Tibet train, from ‘Qinghai Tibet Railway‘. I chose the Tibet train tour from Beijing to Kathmandu via Everest.


After knowing about many different places that will come in between my journey, I became very excited. In this journey, I was going to experience traveling on the roof of the world, enjoy the wonderful landscapes. Through this article, I just wanted to share my experience, which goes around 12 days.

DAY 1:

With all the excitement, I arrived at the Beijing Capital Airport to start my journey. I met my friend there and transferred to hotel by guide and driver.

We spent our night in Beijing. At night time, we go outside our room and starts enjoying and dancing because from the next morning we are going to start our final tour journey and make much of the memories along with the friends and make memories with the visiting of many new sites.

DAY 02:

On our second day, we were all set to visit Tian’anmen Square. It is the largest public square in the world and Forbidden City in Beijing.  It is magnificent imperial Palaces of Ming and Qing dynasties for almost 500 years and then moved to the Temple of Heaven. It is basically a place where the Emperors prayed for peace and harvest.

After having lunch, there, we all drove to visit summer balance. As we already have done the in-depth study about the pace and did not mislead the Fresh-water pearl market.

In the evening, we have also enjoyed the cultural show – Kongfu show or Peking Opera after dinner. Due to the so many exciting places to visit in Beijing, we had spent another night there only. It’s a really wonderful day to spend over there.

DAY 03:

With all the happiness and enjoyment, we woke up in the morning and get ready to check out the most beautiful section of the Great Wall – the Mutianyu Great Wall. It takes about 2-3; hours. We have lunch there and move to many other places. In the evening, we again move toward our Tibet train and started our journey to Lhasa.

DAY 04:

While traveling, we have been enjoying the scenery on the Tibet as we were quite close to Tibet. Much of the places are really beautiful and amazing. The atmosphere is really fresh, lush greenery all around us. It was just fabulous. I must say that I don’t have the words to describe the beauty of Tibet.

DAY 05:

Once we arrived in Lhasa, we were being awarded by our guides whether today, we are going to see the beautiful Tibetan plateau with the nomad’s groups.

We had already made our arrangement to spend overnight at Lhasa. After the delicious dinner, we move outside our apartment and looks at the beautiful night scenery. Greenery is just looking dark and the water night shines reflected into the sky. The sky looks full charming and looks like it is smiling and describing some beautiful weather quote to us.

DAY 06:

Tibet House

It was a great feeling of being so close to our destination and watching the best sight of the world. Today, we were about to see our first sightseeing on the high plateau. We were purposely arranged only to visit Jokhang temple and Potala Palace.

Along with this, we visited Potala Palace, which is known as the cardinal landmark of Tibet. Potala Palace is named after Mount Potalaka. This palace measures 400 meters east-west and 350 meters north-south with the sloping stone walls. It is really amazing and just looks like a red hill from the bottom. We spend our night in Lhasa only.

DAY 07:

As we spent our last night in Lhasa only, which means there are lots of sights which are sight remains to discover. We all got ready to experience those sights and started our visit to Drepung Monastery, Sera monastery & Norbulingka summer palace (B). It was considered as the world largest monastery in history.

We hear much about that place that Drepung Monastery, along with its peer Ganden and Sera, have lost much of their independence and also the spiritual credibility in the eyes of Tibetans. Also, they operate under the close watch of the Chinese service securities.

It’s really wonderful to visit at Drepung Monastery, this was also one the memorable place for me to catch up in my mind and also in my daily diary. We returned late from the place and came back to our hotel in Lhasa.

DAY 08:

On this day, we all are supposed to move forward toward our destination.  In the morning, before leaving the place, we have visited a few more places in Lhasa such as Yamdrok Lake, Gyantse, Shigatse. We all drove to Kampala pass, which was around 4794m. Via the road from Sehgal, we moved to E.BC.

Here we were enjoying the glacier in the between and continue to drive to Gyantse, visit the famous stupa – Gyantse Kumbum, which is considered as one of the most adorable architectural wonders in Tibet.  It is multi-storied Buddhist chapels in Tibetan Buddhism. In the late afternoon drive to Shigatse and stayed our night at Shigatse.

DAY 09:

After spending our night at Shigatse, we had a morning visit at Tashilunpo Monastery and the spectacular tombs of Panchen Lamas. The best thing about it, the monks in this monastery are eye-catching in their hand-made traditional shoes-‘Tsomba’ in Tibetan.

In the late morning, we drove to visit Sakya Monastery which is considered as the main monastery of Sakyapa sect, houses around the monastery are also in a typical gray color. It’s really beautiful. From the far, it just looks like it is settled at the foot of the mountains. After spending a quality time there, we drove back to Lhatse and spend the night at Lhatse.

DAY 10:

In the early morning at Lhatse,  we started driving toward Rongbuk via Shegar, cross over Gyatsola Pass, and Gawu la pass. From the top of the Gawu la, we were having a clear view of spectacular Himalayan Ranges and its glorious peaks.

We reach to the Mount Everest and do trekking from local tent guest houses community toward E.B.C, it was only 6km and takes around 2 hours. We also enjoyed trekking and takes images of surrounding and captured much of the photos in my camera. We have decided to spend our night at distinguishing featured local tent guesthouse.

DAY 11:

In the morning at E.B.C, we started driving toward Zhangmu via Old Tingri & Nyalam, crossing Thongla, while enjoying the views of the surrounding peaks of Shishapangma, Cho Oyu and Menlungtse and Gauri etc.

The road was covering the snow-capped peak and it’s like a road to the sky. It looked like that road wearing a white blanket over it. I and some of my partners just took some snow and start making statues of our own. We really enjoyed this little snow travel. Then we move forward to our apartment and spend overnight at Zhangmu.

DAY 12:

It was the last day of our trip, so our excitement level was at a peak. We immediately get ready for the remaining journey and after having breakfast in the Zhangmu, we proceed toward our destination. It was the end of our journey.

We had lots of fun, memories with us. We also learned many things about historical places, experienced new things, remain in the Chinese culture, interact with the Chinese Tibetan people. I can’t forget this China tour throughout life.


Definitely, Next time I will again make China tour with my family and have lots of fun over there. I really going to miss it. It was a time to say bye to our guide and driver at Friendship Bridge.

We check in at Nepali Immigration office after an exotic journey, then we drove about 5 hours to Kathmandu city. Throughout our journey, we enjoy the scenery of great white waters along the way. After arriving in Kathmandu, we end the trip there.

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