Halong Bay is all about seeing the amazing rocky outcrops - some soaring 100m high - on boat cruises. How it feels to be at awesome Halong Bay? My list of top things to do in Halong Bay would certainly help you! Let's explore.


Halong Bay is well known as a site of Natural World Heritage that has been recognized by UNESCO. Once you arrive in Halong Bay, you will be amazed by what Mother Nature has created.

A Hundred of limestone formations and numbers of finest and widest grottoes are formed million years ago by nature will definitely take your breath away. And here are some suggestions for you to take the most from your trip to Halong.

Halong Bay Vietnam

Halong Bay Vietnam


Do you know Halong Bay is one of the most amazing places you would go to our planet earth because it's all natural & alive. At Halong Bay there is nothing additive or artificial involved with it.

The stunning karst rock outcroppings in Ha Long are made of long 3000 plus years of chemical reactions between limestone and the water. It's like mother nature is inviting you to visit the scenic rock scene, Halong Bay deserves your visit. Beware that you will witness the amazingly changing, dynamic landscape & pure nature in it's raw format.


I took this trip to Halong from Hanoi by the helicopter for about $499/person but it included in our 2 days 1 night Halong Bay Cruise Tours. There are also other tours to Halong Bay that you can choose from, the price is little bit cheaper.

However, I was very happy with my choice. The whole view of Halong with hundred of green island scattered in the sea below you is quite magnificent. It was much better than any wallpapers or photography you saw on the Internet.


Sung Sot Cave is one of the largest and most famous caves in Halong Bay. Million years ago, the caves of the area were formed by the water seeped through cracks and eroded holes in the limestone.

As some of the water seeped down to the cave ceiling, it slowly dripped and deposited sediment creating stalactites (formations that hang from the ceiling) and stalagmites (formations that rise from the floor) and other formations in the caves.

The formations in the cave inspire a lot of interesting imagination of human and animals in varying poses such as a woman is crying, a lion or a monkey is hanging on the tree.That made Sung Sot Cave becomes one of the largest and most famous caves in Halong Bay.

The name "Sung Sot" can be translated into English as "Surprise Cave", and of course you will be surprised because of the incredible view inside of the Cave.


The floating village is a cultural heritage and tourist attraction that you should visit in Halong Bay, Vietnam. People have been living in these floating houses for hundred years with fishing as the main income activity.

Even government have some policies to help to move people in the villages and find new houses in the land with much better conditions and facilities but some still want to remain their lifestyle. Nowadays, there are still some people who sustain through fishing and fish cultivation activities on these floating Villages.

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Kayaking is one of my favorite activities on Halong Bay. Slowly padding through the calm water and surrounded by the beautiful rough limestone cliffs, hidden lagoons, and quiet beaches. And even jumping and diving into the green water, I am sure that would be quite of memory that you can't forget.


If you have time don't miss your chance to discover the Cat Ba Island and visit the National Park home of the 1,400 vascular plants, including 23 Endangered and Critically Endangered species, have so far been recorded.

You can go trekking or rent a bike to enjoy the beautiful scenario in Cat Ba Island.There are much more destinations and activities you can enjoy in Halong Bay if you have more time. But with those lists, I believe you now have quite enough resource for Halong Bay trip. And I promise you will not be regret.


Halong Bay Sunset

Halong Bay Sunset

Halong Bay is the of the best places on earth to watch sunset and sunrise. Lying back on sundeck with a beer in your hand. That’s all it takes for a lifetime moment. The scenery is so captivating that you can’t help but want to live in it forever. Let yourself drift away and all stresses and anxieties is simply gone.


You can take a direct flight to the city of Hanoi or to the Hai Phong Airport from any major cities around the world. From Hanoi you would get an pretty easy commutation to Halong Bay with the help of cabs or budget shared buses.

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