Keep in mind that every type of trip requires its own unique travel checklist. Given below is a generic collection based on my experience.

– Backpack- size depends on length of trip and place

– cash/credit/debit card

– Adventure multi-tools

– Driver’s License or any government proof for domestic & passport/visa/tickets for international trip

– Phone with power bank (optional)

– Toothbrush & paste

– Clothes (Quick dry for moist place, cottons for hot&humid region, woolen for cold environment)

– Important contact points preferably on paper

– Sunscreen with SPF greater than 40 in case if  it is beach or a mountain trip

– E copy or hard copy guide of the destination

– First aid kit containing medicines of fever/stomach upset/pain/antibiotics

– Sunglasses & Binoculars

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Nilabh is an avid traveller, explorer, photographer and love to drive. Adventure travel and going to new places that respect and gives back to local culture and environment is his top priority.Follow us! Live to explore

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