Collin Farrell has pulled some bizarre performances, but for us, he will always stay at the top for his role in: In Bruges. But, we may be biased because the film was shot in Bruges, Belgium. It is rightly called the Venice of the North. It’s beautiful canals and the historic center, and all make for outstanding sights.

The 13th-century belfry tower, with its 48 bells and the sculpture Madonna and Child are exquisite. But, then this is Europe for you, full of history and historic architecture. There are countless other cities and a trip to Europe is a must if you love to travel.



Or perhaps you would like to visit the financial capital of the world: London. We like the architecture, but for us, the busy roads and the odd traffic are a bit too much. Nevertheless, the old English countryside is beautiful. Plus, if you have a love for visiting castles, then there is no better place in the world. After you have visited these, it may be time to visit the end of the world.

We are talking about the northernmost places in Northern Europe. Places like Abisko in Sweden, which is famous for its Aurora sightings and Stryn, where you can go skiing in the summer, these are the places to detox yourself from the poison of urban contamination. Just make sure that you protect yourself from the cold and take your best stay warm apparel from The North Face.

travel packing

travel packing

Travel Packing-The right way-Understanding with Infographics 

There are a couple of things which will need to be taken care of before you can go galloping across Northern Europe. Finances and packing are two of the most important. We have prepared a thoroughly researched infographic for the travel packing tips. So, pack accordingly and send us a couple of photos from your trip.

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