India Travel Tips– Our India is a big country to be in, rich in culture, traditions and of course language. Unlike any other western country, each state of India follows its official language and culture. Are you planning to visit India in near time?

We listed five precise helpful travel tips to India for our guest starting their journey to this magical country. Check out these five essential travel to India tips to make it hassle-free for you. Read on for a few more:

1) Do your research-

As I wrote above, it’s unlike another western country where you just pack up, arrive and start exploring. You have to start with doing research on Visa, the destination you want to visit, duration of stay, which state you are visiting and most important how local culture and tradition followed by the locals.

For. e.g, certain temples in Tamil Nadu doesn’t allow foreign guest’s entry to the core of the temple, whereas area in South Mumbai like Colaba, will give you whole nightlife experience like that of western countries.

Are you a U.S. citizen looking or planning to apply for an Indian visa? visit site to get all required information needed in visiting India. Also, we recommend you to please secure your home before traveling or venturing out.

Travel tip for India #1– Research well on all local places and culture where you intend to visit

2) Use public transport wherever possible

Indian Train

Indian Train

India is well connected by all means of transport, with rail network laid and reachable to the remote place of the country. Whenever it is possible, take the railway route in reserved AC class. The cost advantage also comes with safety and knowing India very well. Plan your travel in India so you don’t arrive in the middle of the night. Try every possible way to have someone meet you at the train station or airport. Your tour operator or hotel can facilitate this very well.

Travel tip for India #2– When traveling in India, always let someone know where you’re going, and stay connected with friends and family via social media and phones

Bonus– We listed five precise helpful travel tips  to India for our guest starting their journey to this magical country. Check out these five essential travel to India tips to make it hassle-free for you.

3) Always carry the charged phone with essential travel applications

Carrying a phone is mandatory for both safety and convenience in India. You will find pre-paid sim card and recharge shop at every nook and corner in any India’s city, town and even in the village. Airtel is a leader in a mobile operation in India and has full coverage pan India.

Travel tip for India #3-Carry your documents and ample cash in INR (Indian Rupee) for purchasing a phone, sim card, recharge coupon or other stuff

4) Get used to the crowd, extreme temperature, chaotic traffic & the city noise

Indian Women

Indian Women

Welcome to India and her overcrowded towns and metros. Either you hate it or love it; this is what India is in actual, nothing like the marketing guy of tour operators shows in their glossy brochures. The summers are scorching, harsh and dry across India excluding the hills. The ideal travel time for India in winter and early summer seasons. You might have to wait in queue for visiting a temple or historical monuments.

Travel tip for India #4– Where ever it is possible to pre-book the tickets to avoid waiting in a long queue when in an Indian city, avoid venturing out during peak office hrs (8-10 AM and 6-8 PM IST)

5) Be healthy and  safe while traveling in India

Kerala Houseboat

Kerala Houseboat

Remember to take your antimalarials medicine and first aid kit, especially if you’re heading to rural areas of India or Kerala‘s backwaters. However, even large urban areas are prone to mosquitoes. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking packaged water while in India. It is advisable to get protected for travel insurance of your choice.

Travel tip for India#5– Take your anti-allergy and first aid kit always while you travel in India. Medicine shops are available all over the cities. However, you won’t find much in rural India.

With these travel to India tips, we greet you “Namaste”, and welcome you to vast and diverse India. We hope you will have the best memories here in India. We call our guest as “Atithi Devo Bhava” (Guests are God)