Travelspice Brand review– Spice up your stay in the star-rated hotels across India by quoting your deal.Do not believe us, check out how the model works in detail.

Thinking about getting your dream star rated hotels at your price across India? Or you want to save up to 70% from other hotel booking portals? Check out about the new concept in the hospitality sector implemented by cool guys of travelspice

travelspice is a new generation opaque deal platform providing low discount rates on hotel stays. Or I will re-phrase as “quote your deal”. Headquartered in Bangalore, travelspice focus is on the budget travellers with its unique business model like “kitne mei chahiye” (in how much you want). Through this model, you can compare the rates of your desired stay on various booking platforms like that of TripAdvisor or Trivago, you decide the honest discount you want and quote your deal price for hotel rooms.

Isn’t this sounds like a too good to be true? So, we tried to analyze the concept and to work of travelspice to test.

The idea & working of travelspice- “Quote your deal.”

travelspice Bid now

travelspice Bid now

It starts with the desire to stay in the star rated property in metros or some cool destination like Mumbai, Bangalore or Lonavala. I needed one room for my upcoming travel plan in around Mumbai. I searched for Lonavala on the home page of travelspice with the given dates. The portal returned me the options of only available star-rated hotels and resorts in around Lonavala with the maps, which is very cool. All together in only four steps, the whole process would be completed to reserve the room by giving your price set.

Note- as of present you will find the participating hotels with travelspice in metros and a few other places. Travelspice can book hotels in over 220 cities

Step2- Strike out the hotels and resorts which you don’t like

Now, this is the cool feature, from the list of participating star-rated hotels and resorts if I don’t like a particular one, I can strike it out. At this point, modern user’s review sites like trip advisor can be useful in striking off any worst hotels from the list

Step3- The most interesting feature- Quote your honest deal

travelspice quote your deal

travelspice quote your deal

Based on your selected star level ratings you wish to stay, travelspice will present a median (average) price that is prevailing during the booking time. At this step, you can mine some sites and check what the actual price of the hotel is. That’s it; you know how much you should quote for the selected hotel. For, e.g., I got the median price of a 3-star property in Lonavala at around Rs 6844/- doing some ad-hoc search on several sites, I quoted Rs 5500/-. This is where you need, to be honest in quoting the price which actually should be ok.

Step4-Enter your details & you stand a good chance to get the rooms at your price

The final step is to enter necessary personal information in the form. Once you are done, you need to pay the amount to confirm your booking at the price you quoted. If no hotel accepts the customer’s price travelspice will process the refund to the customer within 3 hours, so no need to wait in suspense.

Genuine queries & concerns of traveller before placing the quote on travelspice

  1. What would happen if the price reduces below the quoted amount-  travelspice challenge is that within 24 hours if the guest finds the same hotel at a lesser price, they will pay DOUBLE the difference.
  2.  What if the service and rooms offered are of low quality- It won’t be the case because it’s a win-win situation for hotel owners, as they are making money from the inventory of the room would have otherwise been vacant
  3.  In the event of any help/support needed for the booked stay- you can reach to travelspice national toll-free number at for any query or concern

Travelspice review –

What works for travelspice that will make traveller happy?

  1.  Yes, it does the base and works on its core business model “quote your price.” Digital nomad traveller can book their stay at star rated property on their asking price
  2.  Honest on displaying which area and hotel are participating based on the business model, and also one can strike off the hotels that they don’t want to stay
  3.  Simple, user-friendly and intuitive user interfaces

Scope for improvements

  1.  The model won’t work for traveller who is looking for specific hotel/resorts on given date and a given place
  2.  travelspice can integrate with trip advisor review system where the traveller doesn’t need to scramble and search for reviews and prices
  3.  As it scales up and continues to add more hotels/resorts under this model, the quality check and customer satisfaction should always be of top most priority in this reduction price model



Contact: +9180-3040-8282

Facebook Page: travelspice Facebook page

Website: Click here

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