Venice Travel Blog- Imagine waking up to the sound of water and an open and serene view. Such is the experience at The Floating City, Venice. There’s no place in the world quite like it. So, how about a Venice tour with my travel bud, Namrata. On my first European trip, Venice was a must-visit.

It was our second destination after Paris and I was super excited to be in this beautiful and romantic city. My friend and I traveled from Paris to Venice via a 1 and-a-half hour flight and instantly felt a relaxing vibe as soon as we got out of the airport. From the airport, it was a further 20-minute bus ride to the city, followed by a 15-minute boat ride to our hostel- Generator Venice.


On reaching Venice, we first grabbed a delicious pizza slice near the Santa Lucia Station, before boarding a water bus that took us to our hostel. The only mode of transport across the city, the water bus is very costly at €7.50 for one way, but also a fun experience. You pass such spectacular views including picturesque bridges, domes, and cute little houses, on your way to almost anywhere.

A beautiful house window

Picturesque Bridges


As soon as we reached our hostel, we were mesmerized by the view. Right by the water, was the entrance of our hostel, giving a calming sense. The rooms and toilets at the hostel were very well maintained too, unlike many hostels across Europe. The first day, we spent our time walking by the neighborhood, getting some essentials, and observing people.

I took my camera out and captured the most beautiful birds and buildings around. Our day ended with a portion of mouth-watering spaghetti pasta and a very strong long island iced tea (I was kinda tipsy ;P). It seemed like the perfect food at a perfect location, at that point in time.

Our Hostel- ‘Generator Venice’, and the view

Hey Birdie!


The next day was dedicated to sight-seeing. We bought a day pass for water bus at €20 which proved to be quite beneficial. What is more convenient is that these passes are available at any store near the water bus station.


After having a light breakfast at the hostel, we headed towards our first stop for the day, Piazzale Roma. Piazzale Roma is the main junction where people can avail of public transport from, both road and water, while also looking for water sports. Observing the beauty of this place, we walked around, clicking pictures by the scenic bridges, and also shopped for a few souvenirs. If you want cheaper souvenirs, Piazzale Roma is a better option as compared to San Marco, where most people buy souvenirs from.

We then headed to San Marco Square and spent the remaining day there. Attracted by the fascinating architecture, I grabbed my camera and set on a solo photo walk. Personally, it was a little overwhelming walking by San Marco as the place is always crowded, with about 30-40 minute long queues for entry to almost every museum/ art gallery/ church. However, we did manage to get inside the St. Marks Basilica which was rather calming.

San Marco square- the con of overcrowded Venice

San Marco Square

Moving further ahead, we grabbed a quick bite, a pizza slice, and also enjoyed some really refreshing and cool gelato. The bakeries and small eateries are the best when in need of a quick walking, affordable lunch. Most of the time during our trips, we prefer a very cheap lunch and enjoy a rather fulfilling dinner.

Yummy Gelato


Next, we were very excited to go for a gondola ride and went on to check the price- €80 for one ride! Since it was just the 2 of us and the price was obviously too high for us, we were told to find two more people to share the ride with. However, to our surprise, not many people were keen on going in for a gondola ride and we didn’t manage to find our ride partners. In conclusion, when you are a student and on a budget trip, you might have to skip the gondola ride experience.

Closest we got to a Gondola ride

We then went on to shop some more souvenirs before heading back to our hostel in the evening and ended our day with a large pizza, because what is Italy without Pizza!! We had the best time that night, sitting by the water right outside our hostel, listening to some songs.

The next day, we were set to catch a very early flight to our next destination, Milan!



Do not miss the Pizza. It might be totally different from all the kinds of Pizzas you’ve had before but it will be heavenly. Also, flavored Gelatos are a must-try. So soothing and delicious. There are a lot of eateries that offer quick bites which are quite reasonable and yummy!


Hostel Generator Venice is a place I highly recommend. It has both dormitories and private rooms and the place is very happening. It has a lovely bar downstairs and an even beautiful view. It has the perfect vibes and we paid €36 per person, per night. Though being a 16-bed mixed dormitory room, the place was so well-maintained.


For a complete and relaxing experience, opt for at least 2 complete days. We practically had a day and a half but that seemed fine too.


Venice Waterbody

Venice is one of the most beautiful places I have visited and the people there are equally joyous. It definitely is a place I would love to visit again. The city always gives a very pleasant and calming feeling, especially when you are near the waters.

It is a really special experience going from underneath such beautiful bridges, listening to the water splashing. However, being a major tourist attraction, Venice is expensive. Not to mention, it’s almost always crowded with tourists.

In Venice and depending on the season, water taxis and gondolas charge a lot. So, I recommend avoiding those, and instead go for a water bus (vaporetto). Tickets cost a flat rate of around €7 for 75-80  minutes validity (in any direction, single trip) and can be purchased with cash or credit/debit card from automated ticket machines near all the ferry terminals.


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