Why Vietnam? I believe Vietnam should be on the top of everyone’s travel list. With its magnificent landscapes, fascinating history, delicious food & Visa on arrival facilities for Indian, make Vietnam irresistible next country to go!

4 reasons to visit Vietnam right now

Escape to Vietnam for impressive culture, heritages, magnificent landscapes and also exotic beaches. In deed, Vietnam has so many to offer to its visitors, giving you enough reasons to come, enjoy and relax for a memorable holiday.

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#1: Breathtaking landscapes

Vietnam Landscape

Vietnam Landscape

The very first thing of Vietnam inspiring me when I spent my time here was its landscapes. Why not? Actually, Vietnam has nothing matching the Times Square in New York, it also has no Niagara Falls. But Vietnam is a truly hidden gem that only those visiting the country themselves will be able to tell.

If you have ever put your feet on its land, you will be inspired by thousands of landscapes located long the country, from the magnificent Sapa with immense green terrace fields, to Halong Bay where mountains meet ocean, land meets sky and which nothing can be compared to.

It also has Phu Quoc – the paradise in the Gulf of Thailand which accommodates thousands of visitors annually. In addition, Vietnam is also the land of impressing Mekong Delta River which has long been included in every trip of the country, inspiring not the adults but also the children right on their first time there.

#2: Delicious food

Vietnam Food

Vietnam Food

When mentioning Vietnam, it may be a very great mistake if someone forgets to mention its dishes. I spent up to 20 days along the country, tried almost their dishes and found that Vietnam treated me very well in this aspect.

I, perhaps tried them for the first time, but all were really great, not so difficult to enjoy. Among them, Pho – noodle was my most favorite. With a balance in broth, meat and also herbs, plus a slice of lime for sour taste, I enjoyed it for my breakfast, my lunch and even my dinner. It made me try several time to learn how to cook it for my beloved at home.

#3: Affordability

I remembered that Vietnam has been voted as one of the cheapest travel destinations. It was among the reasons urging me to look for information about the country and made a trip there.

Actually, I did not spend my holiday at the lowest amount, but I saw that I could have several things in Vietnam with a certain amount which I perhaps had nothing elsewhere. In Vietnam, a normal meal may cost you only 2USD, or a hotel room is just around 30 – 50USD.

#4 Easy Vietnam Visa Application

Vietnam Visa

Vietnam Visa

I, an Indian passport holder, knew that I needed a visa to visit Vietnam. But, while apply for a visa to other countries in Southeast Asia for Indians, such as Singapore may be made a little bit complicated, I myself found getting Vietnam visa nothing hassle with visa on arrival.

Reaching Vietnam-visa.com for query on Vietnam Visa by accident when it was listed on top of my search results, my questions were well and patiently explained. Although their price was perhaps higher than some others, but I appreciated their support, so I still decided to use their service.

As an experienced, I can make a summary for you about the easy process to obtain a visa on arrival for Vietnam as follow:

Vietnam Visa Process

Vietnam Visa Process

Step 1: Complete the online form to obtain a visa approval letter. Here is the link I used: https://booking.vietnam-visa.com/step1.html.

Step 2: Pay for service fee online. Remember this is just the fee paid to Vietnam-visa to obtain the visa approval letter, not the total fee for visa on arrival. My service fee was 21 USD (for my 1-month single entry visa).

Step 3: Receive the visa approval letter and guide to pick up full visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

I used their normal processing service, so I did receive my visa approval letter within 2 working days. You may request a faster processing if you need.

Step 4: Get visa stamped upon arrival airport in Vietnam

When I landed at the Noi Bai airport, I headed to the Visa on arrival counter there and complete the immigration process. There, I submitted the officer my passport, entry and exit form (glued with my photo), stamping fee (25USD) and get the visa stamped on my passport.

# One Last Thing

However, remember, this is the process for Indians traveling to Vietnam by air only. In case you do not, you need to obtain the Vietnam Visa at embassy only. We recommend to check out official site.

Well, these are my 4 reasons why you should visit Vietnam. You may have more or less, but a visit to Vietnam surely will never make you down.

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