Imagine the high you would feel if each article you publish got targeted views instantly & also over time. You will be thrilled to read the comments to compliment you, thank you and tell you how amazingly helpful your content is. On top of that, the article then gets shared on social media.

That’s the dopamine rush you’d get as a travel content marketer for TravelEscape!

Believe me, it feels as good as it sounds.

Do you know that feeling of wanting MORE? Such as:

  1. Being part of a team of amazing traveler, local experts, content marketers to brainstorm content ideas with so you don’t have to struggle or lie awake at night thinking about your next topic anymore
  2. A creative mindset who can make amazing graphics to make outstanding content
  3. A super-engaged audience of TravelEscape that will send you to love and thank you notes
  4. Writing content you’re actually proud of rather than feeling like an Energizer bunny cranking out shitty, low-quality articles about topics you don’t care about just to get some money doing what you love most: writing.
  5. Seeing how your articles are getting used in an overall marketing strategy rather than disappearing into the void of disposable internet content.
  6. Becoming the rockstar writer you know you already are, faster. You’ll get coaching, feedback, training and more to help you improve your skills.
  7. Sharing and promoting our brand within your network & circle
  8. Getting actively involved in our community buildup activities like Facebook, occasional meetup, etc.

If so, you might just be the content marketer we’re looking for! We’re looking for a dynamic content marketer to join TravelEscape Tribe.

If you are passionate about travel, writing, love our website, have a growth mindset and a good pen then you might be the person we’re looking for! We are hoping we can find the right candidate for our community!

But before we move forward, here’s one disclaimer from our side. We are NOT your another typical travel blog or travel content site on the internet, we are a community of REAL traveler, local experts or one who actually traveled to the places.

We don’t write those unreal contents like “exploring Andaman in 500 Rs” or another shit article on things to do in Tamil Nadu by sitting & never visited the place. Therefore if you are the one who stitches sentences from here and there, please let’s not waste the time of each other. We are sure you li find a much better job than TravelEscape.

All sound good to you? if your answer is “Yes” then simply apply for the job here at Typeform.