Yoga Retreats in Kerala– If you are planning a vacation to Kerala why not make it different by staying in a retreat centers for yoga in Kerala. Stay in a serene ashram environment by exploring the lush greenery mountains and backwaters and indulge yourself in many more fun and adventurous activities.

Kerala is famous for its culture and Ayurveda treatment. People from around the globe come here to cure their problems by a stay in retreat and wellness centers. However, others stay there to explore nearby places.

Do’s and Don’ts retreat centers for yoga in Kerala

  1. Respect the local culture and follow the rules. Follow the diet given by the ashram staff.
  2. Wear an Indian dress, if not wear a comfortable dress that covers your shoulder and knees. Since it is in the coastal line most of the days will be humid so wear cotton dresses.
  3. Avoid visiting during the rainy season, as they will be landslides and floods during the monsoon.
  4. Maintain silence inside, try to avoid using the phone, or otherwise keep in silent mode.
  5. Pets are not allowed in any ashram.

Top 6 retreat centers for yoga in Kerala

#1 Anandashram

If you are looking for a free stay, free food, surrendered by the forest during your travel, then, this is the best ashram for you. This ashram was established in 1931 by Swami Ramdas and his mother Krishnabai.

The main intention of the Swami Ramdas is that all the creatures are equal- men, women and here they have no caste system. Just universal love and service to humanity.

Daily they do chanting on Rama Mantra and meditation near the Swami room and there are separate places for silent meditation as well.

Another best thing about these ashrams is here visitors can carry on with the purpose of their visit. They won’t be compelled to participate in any ashram activity until they are interested.


  • Small rooms with an open veranda, this place provides a great view of nature as it is located on the Pilikunji hill surrendered by the forest and valley. They provide free food for the students and visitors who are staying at the ashram.
  • Previously they used to ring a bell for breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. Now, the ashram staff themselves personally carry tea along with them and serve the guest.

How to reach

One can reach this place by any means, it is located 5km from the Kanhangad municipality. From Kasaragod railway station it takes around 31 km drive.

The nearest airport to the ashram is Mangalore airport and from there it takes around 2 hours to travel to reach the ashram. From there you take either road or railways based on your convenience.

#2 Harivihar wellness retreat


Travel is all about knowing new things about the place and the culture. Harivihar is the perfect place to explore the traditional home and culture of one of the oldest cities in Kerala Malabar.

Many people come here for different treatments and therapies from across the Globe. It is 170 years old royal heritage homestead and wellness center. Guest who is taking Ayurveda treatment should stay till the mentioned treatment time. Others can stay for 2 nights.


  • At Harivihar they have a 2-day itinerary and a 3-day itinerary for the travelers. Here one receives good hospitality and a nice traditional entertainment that displays the culture of the state.
  • They serve authentic Kerala food, for Ayurveda treatment people will have different food based on the treatment diet.

How to reach

Calicut is the nearest railway whereas the nearest airport is Calicut airport. Similarly, there are a number of bus services available from various cities.

#3 Reminiscence Ayurveda Yoga Retreat

A reminiscence is a place where you can relax by forgetting all your tensions and by enjoying the extraordinary river view along with good hospitality. 

This retreat center is famous for body and mind relaxation. They have well-experienced trainers who melt away all your stress and make you feel refreshed. If you are worried about health they have a physician as well available.


  • The reminiscence retreat center has 10 luxurious rooms with attached 
  • the balcony which provides calming Periyar river view rooms.
  • They also provide AC rooms, mountain view rooms.
  • Free wifi, free vehicle parking if you have a vehicle, Outer pool.
  • The price is a bit costly, the range starts from 80 to 100 .

How to Reach

This retreat center is located near Hattekad Bird Sanctuary. It takes around 4 km to reach the Sanctuary whereas from Kochi, 50 km. The nearest railway station is the Aluva railway station. The nearest airport is Kochi airport.

Note: Read the booking and cancellation instructions carefully before booking.

#4 Sambodhi Yoga Retreat

If you are visiting the Alleppey region to enjoy the pristine backwaters in the boat rides along with boat stay, why not try to stay for few days in the retreat center and relax your body and mind.

Sambodhi Yoga Retreat is run by a family near Alleppey. The specialty of this retreat center is where they teach yoga and Zen meditation. Besides this, it is located near the beach and in the midst of the Alleppey and Marari region.


  • They provide a comfortable room where you feel like a homestay, with modern amenities like AC, laundry with delicious home-cooked organic food.
  • They also provide tea, snacks, fresh juices, and pure drinking water for the guests.
  • If you are worried about used mats for yoga and meditation practice during your stay, don’t worry as they provide cleaned yoga mats,
  • Backwater and the locality tour. 
  • The best retreat center where travelers can learn Zen meditation and rejuvenate the body and soul while traveling.
  • The price for one day stay is 2800 rupees whereas in USD 38 Dollars.

How to Reach

The nearest airport is Kochi airport whereas the nearest railway is Alleppey railways. One can reach this retreat center by taking local transport after reaching Alleppey.

#5 Sharanagati Yogahaus retreat

The Yoga retreat center is for those who are looking for a homestay that is surrounded by a charming garden. Best place to spend time by exploring the Varkala beach and learning yoga and meditation.

They teach asanas, vipassana meditation and pranayama. The best part about the retreat is it is located in the midst of a plantation which gives a serene experience to the visitors.

The staff here receive guests with good hospitality. When it comes to food, they provide Ayurveda food based on the requirement of the guest by the well-experienced staff.


  • Two houses with old Kerala architectural style. Together they are a total of 10 rooms which are clean and well maintained. The rooms are allocated based on a first-in-first-serve basis.
  • Home food is prepared using the vegetables from the garden in the Kerala style. They provide breakfast, tea, and lunch in the afternoon.
  • For one day stay the price is 3900 rupees in USD 54. The meditation and yoga program here is four days course if interested plan accordingly and book in prior.

How to Reach

The nearest airport to the retreat center is Trivandrum which is 36 km. Nearby airways are Varkala station. After reaching Varkala take local transport to reach the place.

#6 Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram

If you are on a yoga vacation to Kerala, God’s own country, which is full of greenery, amazing western ghats along backwater and beaches, then make sure you visit the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram.

Relax both mentally and physically without any strain or stress in life. They offer many meditation and yoga courses for the visitors where they heal mental and physical and spiritual health through the Yoga ancient teaching of Gurus.

Many people come here to learn yoga and meditation through teacher training programs whereas others Yoga vacation programs which teach Raja Yoga and Vedanta.


  • They have four kinds of rooms, Vaikuntham rooms AC room which has a twin bed and basic furniture with an attached bathroom and balcony.
  • Another one is called Kalish rooms, non AC rooms which basic Furniture and attached bathroom with hot water and a balcony with an excellent view of the area.
  • Vishnu rooms, non AC rooms two bedrooms with basic Furniture, and a common bathroom with no balcony.
  • Dormitory which contains 32 beds in total it is separated by a small wall that looks like a cubical. Each cubical will have two beds.
  • Note: They have a separate Dormitory for women and men. If you a couple opt for two bedrooms.
  • When it comes to food they provide Brunch, tea, and dinner.
  • People who visit here generally participate in Karma Yoga as well as clean activity in the ashrama.

How to reach

The nearest airport is Trivandrum airport from here it takes around 1 hour to reach the ashram. The nearest railway is Trivandrum station. From Trivandrum take a Government or private means of transport to Kattakada town from there take local transport to the ashram.

FAQ’s of the retreat centers for yoga in Kerala

Kerala Yoga

Yoga outdoors – sporty fit woman practices yoga Anjaneyasana – low crescent lunge pose outdoors at beach on sunset

 Only foreign nationalities allowed in this retreat and wellness center and ashram? 

Nah! anyone who wants to learn Yoga, meditation whereas others who want to experience the ashram life can stay there for few days based on your travel schedule.

How much does it cost to stay at an ashram/retreat center?

Few ashrams are free of cost, whereas others like retreat centers and wellness centers’ costs vary based on the luxury you select for your stay.

How many days can we stay there?

Minimum 2 days in any ashram or retreat center. If you want to stay few more days then, you should talk with the concerned authority.

How about Covid safety? 

If you are planning to visit Kerala, it is always advisable to get vaccinated with both the dose and follow strict Covid Protocols.

Do we get clean rooms at retreat center?

Yes, most of the retreat center rooms will be clean as it promotes positive vibes and a good experience to the visitors.

The above mentioned are the some of the top visited retreat centers for yoga in Kerala, make your visit to gods own country more memorable by spending few days in retreat center. 

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