Awesome & Thrilling Road Trip To Zenith WaterFall Khopoli

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Awesome & Thrilling Road Trip To Zenith WaterFall Khopoli

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Zenith Waterfall, Khopoli, Maharashtra. Looking to visit an awesome waterfall near Mumbai during the monsoon or just a weekend road trip which is not too far away from the city then Zenith WaterFall at Khopoli is the desired destination.

It was a dry morning with the sun shining down the window of my bedroom. During the rainy season in Mumbai, it is a rare visual and a much-cheered one as well. However, it brought bad news to me as I wanted the rain God to come down hard to Mumbai and its vicinity and pour his blessings.

Road Trip To Zenith WaterFall, Khopoli- The Story

All this praying was because our road trip outing to Zenith WaterFall was planned well in advance and we badly needed a wet weather to make our journey more memorable. Surprisingly I woke up before my alarm could sound.

The first important thing I did was to send group messages to all the co-travelers to wake up and get set for the journey. I took out my Sx4 for refuel along with checking out the tyre’s pressure. As per me the most vital aspect of any road trip is to get your vehicle thoroughly checked and serviced. If it’s a rainy day then, the extra focus should be on the tyres and not forget the reserved one.

Our Sx4 Monster

Our Sx4 Monster

The Great Puzzle When You Decide To Go On A Group Road Trip

The scheduled departure time (obviously it’s a revised timeline) was at 7:30 AM from Malad (As mentioned, A day before the scheduled time was 7 AM from Malad, but you would know that plan and reality are two different things). As we approached the time of departure, I started calling up each person at a time. Most of them sounded like they were all geared up, but one person said that he is not ready and infarct he was still in bed. Looking at the current situation, we revised once more to 7:50 AM.

And 7:50 it was when I started my car’s engine, and it roared before embarking on the journey to the wonderful Zenith WaterFall. First, it was Nilabh’s turn and I landed up in front of his house (name of the building is “Symphony”, easy way to identify the building, as per Nilabh’s words – the most dilapidated building beside the road.

Road Trip

Road Trip

The Best Of A Road Trip- The Great Road Ahead To Drive

In another 20 minutes, we were waiting down near Arun’s (for clarification – Arun Anto) apartment. After that, we made headway for our final compatriot Amit who was supposed to pick up from JVLR. Making our way through some moderate (understatement) traffic jam on a Saturday morning (I hated it, as people on the roads were trying to get out of the city and to add to the misery there was even the office- goers ). Finally making our way through traffic, a slight drizzle(Did I not mention that before) reached the point where Amit had to be picked up.

As we crossed Thane toll gate, the rain God started showing a blessing on us with powerful showers complementing with a thunderstorm. The supernatural phenomena excited all of us but it also brought driving challenges. You must have the greater control of your vehicle during the rains, and this is where a powerful set of tyre plays a critical role. Thankfully, I always trusted the CEAT Tyres for my monster SX4. Due to rains, our speed had drastically reduced. After driving for roughly 30 mins, we finally hit the Old Pune highway.

India Road Trip

India Road Trip

The Best Fun Part Of A Road Trip – Getting Lost & Found Again

We went on and on. Minutes turned into hours and hours into a couple of hours, but till then we did not see any road sign with the word “Khopoli” written on it. On our way, we met many individuals for asking directions. Like, we met an uncle who gave us the directions with so many left and right that it seemed that was about to make us virtually reach Zenith falls.

We took a break when the kilometer milestone read 90 KM from Malad. It was a mesmerizing view. Clouds had filled the sky and green top mountains. It was a calling for our talented photographer who clicked few snaps and we even had the company of some unexpected pedestrians passing by who were ecstatic to get their photos clicked.

Trek To Zenith WaterFall

Trek To Zenith WaterFall

Awesomeness In Sight- The Beautifull Zenith WaterFall

Finally, after driving for roughly 3hr, we reached the Khopoli town. I parked the car in the shed and took all our valuable items with us or locked them in the boot. We get to know from local people that the Zenith fall is approx. 6 Km from the parking area. The waterfall was enormous and beautiful, and it reaches in its full strength during Monsoon. You need to cover 5 km distance of rocky road from Main Road to Waterfall.

The 5Km Trek itself is awesome with small water bodies in the path, the final approach of the waterfall passes through thick vegetation and uphill terrain. All our journey exhaustion vanished on taking the refreshing shower of Zenith fall. We gossip and took some cool photographs of the landscape while staying at the base of fall for nearly 2 hrs.

Zenith waterFall Khopoli

Zenith waterFall Khopoli

The Good Time Ends At Zenith WaterFall & The Return Starts

Post noon, we all decided to return from Zenith WaterFall and hit Mumbai road well before evening else we would be facing the traffic mess. While our way back to Mumbai, we also had full packed lunch at one of the roadside Dhaba. Yes, the food was just outstanding. With all the memories and time well spent, we reached our home by 7 p.m. and immediately landed on our beds.

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    Nice Writeup and lovely travelogue.It will surely help us in planning the trip to Zenith waterfall.

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    This reminds me of the Kempty Waterfalls in Mussoorie. Waterfalls always have such an universal appeal. I guess the sound and sight of rushing water is irresistible.

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    Looks like quite the roadtrip ! Falls are beautiful, I’m glad you got to trek on this one !

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    I have never heard about this falls. Thanks for sharing. This is really worth checking out.

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    What a roadtrip and great write up! The 5k walk to the waterfall at the end was definitely worth it. It’s beautiful!

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    It’s not everyday that you wish for rain! But this sounds like it was an awesome experience. That waterfall is lush, we would definitely love to do the same trip one day!

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    A pity that I did not explore more the surroundings of Mumbai! This gorgeous waterfall seems like a place not to miss! I also loved the pictures by the way. Thanks!

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    Zenith Water Falls looks amazing! It looks like quite a trek to get there but well worth it to relax and enjoy playing in the water!

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    Zenith waterfall looks amazing, I wish I had known about this when I was in Mumbai.

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    Looks like so much fun. Definitely a group road trip is best.

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    This reminds me of my college days when I and my friends went exploring the falls near our school. You guys had loads of fun.

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