Camping near KRS Backwaters– Most often, you get only one day and one way to tie knots with your chosen one. You may want to keep it as a simple affair, or you can get it transformed into a grand destination wedding.

Although we had a very simple wedding, we keep adding few sparks each year and try to make our anniversary special, in one way or the other.

This time my plan was to celebrate our anniversary as a destination event with just the three of us being there.

We wanted to spend some quality time in a place which reflected the spirit of calmness and inner peace which we have felt while being together.

Also, we wanted the place to be highly serene to add to the different colors of life that we have been filling our lives with, to make it more beautiful.

Some Dates are really Special

We had thought of different places near or even, not-so-near Bangalore, but we were still not able to pick up the right place as we, coincidently, had been married on a date, which normally tends to witness a lot of partying and most of the known places are usually jam packed.

In case, you are still busy guessing the date, allow me to help you out with that, it is 31st Dec.

31st Dec or New Year’s Eve is a date where you would find most of the public places not just jam-packed, but over-crowded beyond reasonable limits. Celebrating your anniversary on such a date at a peaceful place is nearly next to impossible.

However, we were able to zero-in to this beautiful place that had no loud music, no pollution, lots of birds chirping around, distinctly colored blue waters and a very beautiful sunset.

Our Destination: Camping Near KRS Backwaters

Yes, we were heading to KRS Backwaters (North). We planned to choose this wonderful place for our Destination Anniversary Celebration with all the elements of nature being a witness to the start of another beautiful year.

KRS Backwaters (North) is approximately 150 KMs from our residence in Bangalore, which is in JP Nagar. With a thought of spending a whole beautiful day there, we initially had thought of starting our journey by 6:00 am.

But while doing the last-moment packing, we ended up starting not just a bit but quite late. We started from our place by 11:00 am.

Very soon, we were on the NICE Road as it happens to be not so far from our locality. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and we could see a lot of people on NICE Road.

We recommend Manchanabele Dam for lovely sightseeing and a camping site near Bangalore.

Since we had started a bit late, the traffic was a bit more than usual. Another reason for the commotion on the NICE road could have been the repair work which was on its full swing.

Our Breakfast Plan

Breakfast for Camping trip

Since we were going on the Bengaluru – Mysure expressway, we had thought of stopping at Bidadi to have some steaming Thatte Idly. However, we were so engrossed in our talks that we completely missed the cut to go to Bidadi.

By the time, we realized that, it was quite late. By now we had started feeling hungry. With not too many options available, we stopped at a road-side, not-so-known kind of an eatery.

We ordered Masala Dosa, Thatte Idli and 2 Coffee. Although the prices were normal, the taste was not really too great.

After breakfast we drove non-stop and reached this beautiful place with blue waters right in front of us. The best part is that, unlike many destinations, Google Map guides you very accurately till the backwaters.

KRS Backwaters: Pangong Lake of Karnataka

We could see this beautiful blue water which so seamlessly seemed to be mixing up with the blue skies. Also, there were these beautiful cranes and some other birds as well.

The very first impression of the place was breathtaking, and we felt like we were standing next to the Pangong Lake of Laddakh. Just like Pangong Lake, the color of the water was in different shades of blue. It was just raw nature, with, of course, few people around.

The best part was that despite of the day being a Saturday and that too 31st Dec, we did not find any kind of nuisance in the name of New Year Party.

KRS Backwaters Camping Location & Setup

Initially we thought of setting up our camp near the water, but considering the rocky terrain of the place and also the bright sunlight, we changed our location to a shade under a tree. Thankfully, there is ample of space for all in that area. Even if there are 3-4 different groups at the same time, you would hardly see each other.

We were carrying our small camping setup which comprised of a two-person tent, a make-shift Tarp (with which we were experimenting), three camping chairs, a folding camping table, a USB chargeable Fan, a gas stove with butane cylinder, few utensils and most important, 20 liters of drinking water.

We took out our basic camping gears like our make-shift Tarp and our folding Awning Poles and the other camp furniture. Setting up the camp is a great fun activity which also helps us get closer to each other.

All three of us have certain specific roles while setting up the camp and we enjoy extending help to each other.

Some Lazy Lamhe (Moments)

Our plan was to have a laid-back Saturday afternoon where we were going to spend some time listening to the birds. Since we had thought of spending the whole day there, my wife also kept one of the books. She wanted to spend some time with the characters of that book while my son and I were busy with our own things.

Chaat (GPT) – Golgappe, Papdi, Tikki

snacks in Camping

We did not want to eat something too heavy that day and thought of munching on some Indian Snacks (Chaat). We were carrying the raw material with us.

I had already deep-fried the Papdi for the Papdi Chaat a day before. Along with Papdi, we had kept some boiled Potatoes, Curd, some basic spices and some Chutney with us.

After fixing up camp, I prepared and served the Chaat to the queen of my heart and our young prince charming.

After enjoying that lazy afternoon for a while, we again felt like munching on something. This time we had the ready mix of Bhelpuri for our rescue. We just had to mix the Chutney and we were ready with a supply of a flavorsome Bhelpuri.

The Local Guide : At KRS Backwaters

We had just finished our snacks when we noticed this Shephard coming with his cows. Although he was deaf and dumb, he was very talkative. You might find the statement a bit contradictory.

But we thoroughly enjoyed his company where he started telling us about the place. He also informed about the presence of a crocodile in that part of the backwaters.

We were trying to understand each other by our gestures. After spending some time with us, this man wanted something in return. First the man wanted some supply of liquor as a lot many people end up getting drunk at such places.

But seeing that we were having a family outing, this person parted happily after getting Rs. 20 from me.

The Sun is going down

Sunset at KRS Backwater

Soon after, the sun finally starting giving up on the heat and me and my son started checking if the temperature was good enough to click some pictures together. We wanted to capture some beautiful moments that would become our memories and would be cherished forever.

Although the much-discussed crocodile was nowhere to be seen, I managed to spot a water snake at the same place. I captured the water snake in my video for a few seconds.

Lemon Tea in Camp

While my son and I were busy checking out some beautiful backgrounds for our pictures, my wife prepared a refreshing cup of lemon tea. It seemed like the pale sunlight had been squeezed out of the not-so-hot sun, along with lemon in my cup.

The perfect golden lemon tea was as good a treat to the eyes as to the tongue.

The sun was just about to set, and we did not want to miss that beautiful moment. We could see birds flying back to their homes after a tiring day and the sun also seemed to be melting down in the backwaters.

An Evening To Remember

The entire water now changed from the vibrant blues to this royal golden color. We could also notice the shades of pinks, purples and oranges sliding in from the corners.

The chirping of the birds, the playfulness of the different shades of colors, the gust of wind, and the sound of the water brought a serene aesthetic.

We got so mesmerized while watching the sun go down that we nearly forgot that something had to be cooked for the evening snacks.

Wrapup & Heading Back

Running against time, I quickly prepared some Aloo-Tikki Burgers before cooking in the dark would have been impossible. After finishing our burgers, we packed up from the place as we needed to plan a night’s stay.

By 7:00 pm, we started back for Bangalore and reached home by approx—10:00 pm. We already had a cake at home which served both as our anniversary and the new year cake.

Few Best Practices While Camping

Camping near KRS BackWaters

Here, along with sharing our experience, I would also like to discuss few very important best practices while camping. Without further ado, let me straightaway share what I have learnt over these years:

Be informed – Be as informed as possible about the place that you have in mind. You should be aware of the policies/guidelines to be followed while camping. It’s better to know if the site has access to drinking water, electricity, and bathrooms/toilets. You can then plan as per the facilities available.

Keep informed – Even though you want zero disturbance while camping, telling someone reliable about your plan is a good idea. This would come in handy incase of any mishap.

At least the person would know where to find you or try out the possible spots per the itineraries you may have shared.

Essential Items– You should carry all essentials like a flashlight, a medical kit, and some high-energy food, in case there is any deviation from standard day-time camping. Also, having a tarp/garden umbrella saves you from extreme sunlight/rain.

Choice of Food – This is something debatable. We prefer something easy and quick to be cooked. This gives us more time to enjoy nature. Also, we need to keep the utensils limited, as per the pre-planned menu.

Set things up before Dark – When camping overnight, it’s advisable to set up the tent, campfire or barbeque a bit before it gets dark. It gives you more time to enjoy yourself with family/friends.

Few Don’ts

Don’t Litter – Make sure that you carry back everything that you have brought along with you. Do not leave plastic wrappers or used water bottles. You can dig a small pit for biodegradable waste like vegetable peels.

Do not make loud noise – There may be some co-campers who might be sleeping. Try to keep your singing/music volume low.

Avoid Alcohol – Since its an unknown territory, its better to be in senses to handle any unexpected situation.

Never Panic – Things may not go as planned, but try keeping calm if there is any adverse situation, like a sudden weather change or an animal showing up.

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