A Delhi to Mumbai Awesome Story Of My First Flight Experience

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A Delhi to Mumbai Awesome Story Of My First Flight Experience

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For the majority of us here in India, flight experience used to be a luxurious affair until a few years back. I belonged to this majority section of India. Post my graduation in the year 2006; I experience my life’s first amazing air travel with memories that will last forever.

Air-Travel Story-The snapshot

The air travel was undertaken for a job interview scheduled in Mumbai. I booked the return New Delhi to Mumbai flights through “ClearTrip” portal. I am a software engineer by profession, yet the sight of planes has always eluded me. I was all thrilled for undertaking my first flight from national capital Delhi to the financial capital of India Mumbai.

I reached airport well ahead of departure time. The check-in and security frisking was quick. I was allotted the 18th row, the window seat and so I got ample time to roam in the terminal. The thrill and experience of taking my first flight were something very different. Finally, the much-awaited announcement was made by the airline staffer to commence the boarding of my flight.

We were taken to the flight parking bay by the company bus. Oh boy, the Airbus A320 was looking mighty and all set to roar up in the sky. I settled on my seat and took out my iPod from check-in bag. After all pre-flight formalities, my air travel was all set to start.

Airbus A320 set to take off from Delhi to Mumbai

aircraft in the sky

aircraft in the sky

 I could sense and still remember the roaring thrust from A320 engines to lift the jumbo jet up in the sky. The flight time from Delhi to Mumbai is approximately 1 hour 50 minutes long which can be easily stretched depending upon the air congestion over the mega cities of India.

The in-flight entertainment system was great. I saw a documentary on Discovery channel and heard my favourite music from iPod. Next was the in-flight delicious meal facility announcement from the cabin crew.

I did experience initial uneasiness due to pressure differences, but my excitement overcame any feelings of discomfort. When I looked down, everything seems like a large canvas, the green patches, and water bodies. Finally, the backwater, skyscrapers of outer Mumbai area was visible from the window.

sky from Aircraft

sky from Aircraft

There came the announcement from the captain, to fasten the seat belts as we were approaching the city of dreams Mumbai. The tall building, roads were now visible from the window, and I could sense the steep descent. Dharavi, the largest slum in Asia, was visible as we landed at Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport.

The thrilling experience of my first Air Travel

The wait to take the first flight experience from my teenage days were all over in 5 hrs. Starting from a taxi ride from Delhi Airport to landing at Mumbai. It was nevertheless the best and thrilling experience so far flying at 35000 ft. and having delicious breakfast there.

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  • Its informative, Thanks for sharing.

  • pradhan says:

    We would like to list this type of experience in our site. We are in the process of creating Forum where travelers can share their 1st Air Travel experience. Thanks.

    As you said , ‘Air travel used to be a luxurious affair until a few years back. I belonged to this majority section of India’. I think its still a luxurious affair for many.

  • UCAB says:

    Hello Nilabh,

    Very nicely narrated :), i had some how similar experience of first flight from Mumbai to Delhi.

  • Gajanand Joshi says:

    Great Information to New Delhi and Mumbai visitors.

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