Digha Beach: A Romantic Holiday Destination On The Bay of Bengal

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Digha Beach: A Romantic Holiday Destination On The Bay of Bengal

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Digha Beach town situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal, Digha in West Bengal is the most popular tourist destination known for some of its untouched beaches, great foods and stays,Let's explore Digha and get to know why it is known for.


Digha is a beautiful beach town located on the magnificent shores of the Bay of Bengal. It is a popular holiday pick for families and people in West Bengal owing to the scenic beaches and diversity as a tourist spot.

Digha is one of the most popular sea resort picks in East Midnapore district, situated to the south-west of Kolkata. Digha is surrounded by beautiful beaches and tourist spots like religious temples, museums and high tech research centers. It is a long drive from Kolkata of 187 km.

Sun Rise Digha Beach

Sun Rise Digha Beach


The beauty about the beaches lies in its nature of shallow low gradient, hard sand beach which is 7 km wide. The Casuarina plantation, girdling along the coastline of the beach make it a breathtaking scenic experience. The sea does start a mile away from the beach

If you are talking about Digha town and Digha beaches , you know the town should be must to visit for a weekend or on holidays with your family, partner or can make it solo too. I went with my family and so all experience of going to Digha, experience of the beach town and hotels in Digha to stay is based on my experience.


The popularity of Digha and the places in around the town as a holidaying spot has caused overcrowding, as an initiative to develop the tourist attraction new beaches have been developed as an extension for Old Digha. The extension is known as New Digha situated at 2 km away from the Old Digha tourist Spot.

As part of tourist development , Digha Sankarpur Development Authority (DSDA) has taken up a project to run toy train from Digha to Udaypur, near the border with Odisha​. I hope the project to be in reality soon. Moreover as per Telegraph, the Bengal government has started constructing a 20km seafront driveway between Digha and Mandarmani that will reduce the distance between the two beach resorts by almost half


The story about the origin of the destination is an integral part about knowing the place. The place was originally known as Beerkul. This particular name finds mention in the letters of Warren Hastings as Brighton of the East. We further find an insight in the writings or John Frank Snaith an English Businessman, who was residing in the area of Beerkul.

It was on his insistence and insightful prospects shared about the place followed by rightful persuasion to then chief minister of Bengal Mr. Bidhan Chandra Roy that the modern day digha as we know gradually started materializing as a tourist destination. The little push from John Frank did bring forth the beauties of Beerkul as modern day digha.

Did you know ?There is a cashew nut farm in Digha town, hence  varieties of cashew nuts are available. I suggest you to buy authentic cashew for yourself and also to support local economy!


Mid-October to mid-February is a pleasant time to visit Digha as you will witness cool breeze and less humidity.The Summers in Digha are hot and also humid. This is not the best time to visit Digha. July onwards, monsoon hits the town bringing relief from soaring temperature. However, the level of humidity is high and so tourists resist from coming here.

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I will give you the best places to visit when in Digha town, please note you will have tons of activities to do in Digha. Howver, do visit few selected one from the below list and take out time to sit back , enjoy and relax.


The crowning glory of the tourist destination is the famous Digha Gate. The majestic piece is and arch on arch structure enhancing the beauty of the location. The first of the places to visit in Digha is what I recommend


it is the 16th center of Zoological survey of India placed in Digha. MARC is established as an initiative of National Council of Science Museums. The highlight of the centre is that it is Asia’a largest Marine Aquarium and was brought to life in 1989. The aquarium is huge, comprising of thirty two tanks. Out of these 32 tanks, twenty four are the larger ones and the rest eight tanks are small in size harboring fresh water.

The water tanks are operational and are equipped with compressed supply of air, water supply is regulated and light. The objective of the research centre is to showcase the biodiversity of the marine life of the region, uphold the standards and communicate the message to the commoners to be able to carry on with the research work.

The aquarium houses three kinds of creatures or species labeled under the following – Local and curious species, the freshwater species and species which require conservative importance. The species which are part of these categories are – Sea snakes, lobsters, sharks, Horseshoe crabs, rays, butterfly fishes and sea anemones


The chandreshwar temple is situated on the border of Bengal and Orissa. It is situated approximately 8 km away from Digha. Various modes of local transports are available to visit the said location. It is century old Temple of Lord Shiva. Chandreshwar primarily is part of Orissa. The place is popular for an annual fair that takes place during the month of Chaitra (As per the lunar Calendar) in March/April.

The footfall is nearly as huge as half a million people visit the place as part of a pilgrimage. The folklore about the place makes it a popular destination and a tourist spot. The Shiva linga in the temple cannot be seen by anyone as it is buried underground. According to the folklore it is believed that in the ancient times a widow had prayed to Lord Shiva for a prolonged period of time and the lord answered her prayers.

Shiva was pleased by her dedication and appeared in her dream stating that he would reside in the village but no one would be able to see him, however, his presence would be felt in form of a bubble of cold water in that place. The pilgrims travel from faraway places to witness this unbelievable miracle of a water bubble on the surface with an underground Shiva lingam.


As the name suggests it is a beach which has Palm and coconut trees along the beach. Tal is the Bengali name for Palm and Sari is row. The destination is well known for delicacies and exotic sea food. It would feature on bucket list of places to visit for foodies and people who are looking for solitude.

The beach has a breathtaking view with mountains surrounding the landscape. The stretch of lush green landscape and rivers make a wonderful mix and a place one must visit. Many people do not opt for this place making it an offbeat location and quite place. If looking for a serene place with peace and quiet as companion along with great food to entice your taste buds along with adventure of finding trails. This is place one must visit.


The science centre established as an attraction or added perk by National Council of Science Museums. The center is a house of various mechanisms and scientific marvel to engage the visitors and stimulate the senses by making science a fun learning experience.

There is a section of Fun glasses that distort the way an individual looks while few aid in measuring height. The funny skeleton who is a companion for bicycle racing. A planetarium in the shape of an Igloo. The Science park is an entertainment center as well as a source of interactive educational opportunities. The center has further introduced Jurassic Age as part of interaction, tickling the inquisitiveness of the kids visiting the park.


It is a tiny attraction which is a small park where the tourists can enjoy boat rides. The serene scenery is an added perk to the experience. Adjacent to the lake is Deepak Mitra’s snake farm.


Shankarpur is addressed as a virgin beach owing to the recent discovery of the place. It is approximately located 14kms away from Digha, on the Digha contai road. It is called the twin beach of Digha. Previously the beach was not promoted and so no resorts were developed.

However, gradually the hotel industry has been developed; with the help of tourism the beach is promoted. Shankarpur offers the perks of a private beach along with the signature casuarinas plantations along the coastline. The advantage of shankarpur as a destination is being new and hence less crowded. The highlight of the destination is the Fishing Harbour Project.


It is yet another destination around Digha. The beach resort is a recent development and the tides play a major role for the destination. It is located approximately 40 kms away from Digha. Bus transportation is available from Digha to visit Junput. The signature Casuarina trees lined up along the landscape and the gentle sea breeze make it a scenic brilliance. Junput was ignored completely after independence for development.

The attraction of the destination is the studies on marine biology as well as the research conducted on and around sea-fish. Shark oil extraction is carried out in Junput. Breeding of ducks in conducted on farms along with brackish water fish cultivation is done under the initiative of the State Government’s Fisheries department.


The virgin sea beach is sea resort in making. It is located near the border of Orissa is approximately 3 km from Digha Railway station. It is situated between Talsari and Digha. It is a reclusive destination from the hustle bustle of a city or the crowded beaches.

The signature coastline of casuarinas trees is part of the shoreline make the beach a scenic pleasure. The only inhabitants are fishermen. The few huts around Udaipur runs makeshift stalls on the beach, the menu comprises of cooked sea fish and local delicacies.


 It is a water park and is a different kind of experience. There is a small train tour is part of the amusement park. The kids would love the experience.


Sea shells are an added attraction for any sea beach visit. No better gift than buying handcrafted artifacts made by the localities. All you need to do is brush upon the bargaining skills to gain an upper hand over the others. Get the best deals with the street smart skills.


I strongly believe when you visit a particular destination or making a holiday plan , experience the place and culture like a local does. I prepared a best things to do as local in Digha. My small guide will guide you to best places to shop and eat authentic local food. Check it out by clicking the button

Handicraft Shop at Digha Beach

Handicraft Shop at Digha Beach


A good, comfortable & affordable hotel, resort  or stay is must for a memorable holiday and to enjoy the visiting place. I have separate post to document the best hotel in around Digha town and beaches. Check out and decide yourself by clicking the button below 


  • Electric torches or emergency lamps can help in case of temporary power outages, which are frequent during the summer.
  • We found most of the hotels in Digha have their own backup generators. However, I recommend bringing flash light for your emergency
  • Mosquito repellent — this is a must for visitors and guests because Digha being a beach town. Most shops in Digha sell repellent. Buy oe keep one
  • Please do not litter the environment with plastics. The beaches are clean and so we all should respect the mother nature
  • Safety at Sea. The sea becomes very rough during high tide, especially during the new and full moon. It is unsafe to swim during high tide.Do not cross the sea wall during high tide or in Monsoon season
  • Respect the culture of the state, destination and its local community.


Digha is quite well connected by transport services starting from road, rail and air. The mode of transportation gives you flexibility to choose to reach Digha town by road or train


The railway services commenced in 2004, the code of the station is DGHA. The trains are available from Santragachi as well as Howrah. The train stops at junctions like Kharagpur, Mecheda and Kanthi before arriving at Digha.Avg. Travel Time – 3 hours


The bus transport is quite frequent and available from Dharmtala bus stand, other cities which have bus services are Siliguri, Bolpur, Burdwan, Kirnahar, and Baharampur.

Howrah and sealdah have bus services both private and public transportation for the destination. You can check for the service from the Bus stand or resort to online booking using portals like Red bus, Makemytrip, other travel mediums.

The roads are quite splendid and scenic. All you need to do is hop on a car and plan your road trip with family and friends. Avg. Travel time – 5hours


There are other local transports available to reach digha ranging from Un-metered Taxis, Rental cars, Auto-rickshaws, rickshaws and E-rickshaws comprise the local means of transportation.


The nearest airport is Netaji Subhahs Chandra Airport in Kolkata, connecting to various parts of the world. From Airport, you can hire private taxi or board a bus. For comfortable journey to Digha, I recommend booking ticket in the train


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West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.

Udayachal Tourist Lodge, Block-DG,Sector-2, Bidhan Nagar(Salt Lake) Kolkata - 700 091Phone: 033-23589347E-mail : [email protected], [email protected]

To know more about our awesome and diverse country, do visit us again. I shall be back very soon with more interesting stuff from different part of our country. Until then keep traveling and keep exploring.

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