Idagunji Ganesha Temple falls under the ancient powerful temples in India. The temple witnesses more than a million devotees every year. Here devotees come with a hope of achieving their heart’s desire.

My wish came true after praying to Lord Ganesha in Idagunji. In this blog, I would like to share my travel to Idagunji Ganesh Temple along with some interesting temple history.

This temple is located in a village called Idagunji in the Uttara Kannada district. People who visit Idagunji also visit Murudeshwar since it is just 15 km away and hardly takes around 18 to 20 minutes.

The ancient temple is 1500 years old, which is estimated to be built in the 4th or 5th century. Here the main deity is Lord Ganesha. The height of the idol is 33 inches. Temple is open from 6 a.m to 1 p.m and from 3 p.m to 8.30 p.m

My travel to Idagunji Ganesha Temple

Idagunji Ganesha Temple

After darshan in Mukambika temple in Kollur, we had a tasty breakfast near the temple and vacated the room which we stayed for a night halt. Started our pilgrimage towards Murudeshwar.

The outside temperature was unbearable since it was March month and also it is a coastal belt. Sadly, our driver was not aware of any place, so we used google maps and slept for some time.

We realized our mistake very late only after traveling 70 km far from our actual destination. People whoever travel without much knowledge about routes must be very careful while searching for temple location in Google maps.

On the way to Idagunji Ganesha Temple

We, by mistake, searched with the name ‘Murudeshwar’, it took us to some remote village. After inquiry regarding the temple from locals, we came to know that we came 70km far from the actual temple location.

The actual temple name is ‘Shree Murudeshwar’, missing the word “Shree” created a difficult time for us. So we had to travel back to the original location with dim faces and little hope of getting Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva darshan.

Idagunji Ganesha darashan

after darshan at Idagunji Ganesha Temple

Due to God’s grace, we reached the temple 1 and a half hours before the afternoon closing time. I was so happy and excited to have the darshan of Lord Ganesha.

From the vehicle parking area to the temple, my spouse and I walked down the road. Before that, we stopped near a shop and brought some cool drinks since it was scorching hot, hydrating the body constantly is a priority.

The place was a bit crowded with devotees, there were halls where some Puja rituals were happening along with the large gathering of devotees. 

We directly went for the darshan of Lord Ganesha. 

After darshan of Lord Ganesh, we returned to the temple exit along with other devotees. Since it was crowded and we had to visit the Murudeshwara temple which was going to close soon, we had to start as early as possible.

Travel tips

If you are traveling along with your family in a private vehicle make sure you look into routes prior.

When traveling in a private vehicle along with a driver, ask the driver in advance does he know the temple routes to avoid unnecessary disturbance during travel.

As it is a coastal line, carry a water bottle with you and make yourself hydrated.

Wear a decent and comfortable dress for a temple visit as there is no particular dress code.

Planning to visit Idagunji Ganesh temple? Then visit in the winter months and avoid the summer months as the heat is unbearable.

Idagunji Ganesha Legends

At the end of Dwapara Yuga at Badarikashrama, sages were performing austerities. The time for Lord Krishna to leave earth and go to his abode Viakuntam was nearing.

 It is also the time when the dark age of Kali was about to commence. The learned sages who were worried about the adverse effect of Kali Yuga prayed to Lord Krishna.

At that time pious sage Valakhilya happens to narrate the greatness of Kunjavana. Along with the Valakhilya, other sages started their penance in that Kunjavana region.

 However, they were constantly facing obstacles to perform their penance. The holy sage Narada Maharishi happens to visit them. The sages along with Valakhilya received Narada with respect. 

Later the sages express the problems they are facing. To which Narada suggested they perform Puja to Lord Ganesha and all their obstacles will be gone.

Before that Narda Maharishi with sages help created a lake for the Devas which is known as Devatirtha. 

Later Narada requested Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva to attend the Puja in the Kunjavana region.

Trimuthis(Trinity) accepted the request. Later Narada asked Goddess Parvathi Devi to send Lord Ganesha to bless sages and stop the obstacles from disturbing their penance.

Lord Ganesha along with Trimuthis attends the Puja lead out for Ganesh. Lord who was impressed by the Puja performed with hymns of extolling the glory of Ganesha. 

Accepting the puja, Lord stayed there to bless them. But Trimurthis returned to their respective abodes, On this auspicious day a new lake was created which is called Ganesha-tirtha. The lake waters are used in temple daily rituals.

A nearby place to Idagunji Ganesha Temple


The temple town provides a breathtaking view of the vast Arabian ocean waters along with a huge sitting statue of Lord Shiva. Looking for some fun in the pilgrimage then get into the sea waters and have fun.

Here one can engage themself in the numerous activities like watersports. Climb the steps and visit the museum which displays the story of the temple in a figurative way.

Going up climbing not only for the museum, but it provides an unparalleled view of the entire area along with the vast sea waters. Here you can have a nice photoshoot.

Here one can relax by having nice snacks, the best time to visit will be in the evening. Where one can get lost themselves in the amazing view of the Sea and the temple.

Safety measures for Solo travelers

For female travelers beware of fraudsters and local taxi drivers, they may charge more. Always keep your phone in full charge and make sure while traveling your phone has good network reception for emergency calls.

For bikers who like to travel alone and explore places around the country, maintain speed limits and mind the road work happening in the area.

Avoid traveling in the nighttime as it is not safe for solo travelers. You may not get food outside the temple in Idagunji.

For food, you need to wait for the afternoon lunch which they provide in the temple or you can go to Murdeshwar for good restaurants.

There are no rooms for stay in Idagunji Ganesha Temple, as it is located in a village. For a night’s stay or to spend some time in the locality, you will get rooms in the Murdeshwar. There are numerous hotels and resorts in Murdeshwar.

Covid measures

If you are traveling during covid time make sure you wear a mask all the time especially inside the temple.

Get yourselves fully vaccinated before going on a temple tour.

Try to maintain social distancing in the temple even though it is difficult.

Wash/sanitize your hands on a regular basis.

If during travel you develop any covid symptoms, contact local covid centers.

Plan a visit to Idagunji Ganesh Temple in the Uttara Kannada district and get the blessing of Lord Ganesha.

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