Kodaikanal one day trip- Want to explore Kodaikanal in just one day? Then you are reading the best blog on the Internet. First, you need to stop seeing the journey as a crash course, but rather a part of the whole travel experience.

The blog aims to offer travellers comprehensive one-day routes to visit Kodai. If you are in a hurry and wish to explore Kodai in one day, read and save this blog link to the bookmark. Although, we recommend you to plan for around 3-days to visit this beautiful hill station. Let us tell you all but useful information on Kodaikanal.

Referred to as the ‘Princess of Hills’, Kodaikanal is well-known for its unsurpassed beauty, and it is one of the best lush southern hill stations in India. Kodaikanal means ‘The Gift of the Forest’ in the Tamil language.

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How to Reach Kodaikanal?

Poombarai Village View

A gem for all nature lovers, Kodaikanal lies in the hills of Dindigul in Tamil Nadu.

Fly to Madurai that has the nearest international airport, approximately 115 km away from Kodaikanal. Other options include travelling via Coimbatore International Airport (170 km), Trichy International Airport (197 km), and Tuticorin Airport (262 km).

Kodaikanal is well-connected to all the major railway stations in India. The nearest railheads to Kodaikanal are Palani Station (64 km) and Kodaikanal Road Station (80 km), but Madurai and Trichy are the major stations with the availability of trains on daily basis. Buses are also available from nearby top cities, such as Madurai.

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Best Kodaikanal Stays?

#1 Wooden Cabin with Lake View This woodhouse has beautifully furnished rooms with panoramic views of the lake and the Shola Valley. Marked as the Superhost on Airbnb, the homestay boasts a garden, super cleaned rooms with free Wi-Fi and all the recent guests gave the location a 5-star rating as it is about 1 km from the main lake entrance. (www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/36081079; doubles from Rs.1289/night)

#2 Rustic Cottage One of the highly rated hosts on Airbnb with more than 170 happy reviews, this entire farmhouse with 1-bedroom will be yours which provides free parking and puts you in nature with all the comforts. (www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/47207522; doubles from Rs.5000/night)

#3 Eco Escape Following all safety precautions during COVID-19, this 8-bedroom farm stay is at its best for nature lovers, located in 45 km interior Kodaikanal but enough to mesmerize you because of its surroundings. It has a kitchen and free parking space. Guests rated this property 5-star in cleanliness. (www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/33689442; doubles from Rs.10200/night)

#4 Whispering Waters The cottage offers stunning views of the mountains and wilderness walks through the farm. Located 10 minutes from Kodai Lake, the property has the facility to play board games and a place to read your favourite book from its collection. Free Wi-Fi, free parking and a TV will be provided. (www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/24370177; doubles from Rs.7999/night)

#5 Cloudscape 15 With 53 satisfactory reviews on Airbnb, the property is located in a zero crowding area with zero pollution and zero traffic. It can easily accommodate 8 guests in 4 bedrooms. Not just the home while the entire hill will be yours during the stay. (www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/20575954; doubles from Rs.7339/night)

How I Spent a Day In Kodaikanal?

Tour 1: City Tour includes

  • Coaker’s Walk

Perfect for nature lovers, it takes 1-2 hours to indulge yourself in sightseeing the enchanting mountains. Coaker’s Walk is a short walk, around 1 km, amidst the stunning mountains and valleys of Kodaikanal.

  • Upper Lake View
Kodaikanal Lake
Kodaikanal Lake

Around 3 km from Coaker’s Walk, Upper Lake View is worth visiting in the town that gives mesmerizing views of the star-shaped Kodaikanal Lake.

  • Pambar Falls

Pambar Falls, also known as Grand Cascade, has wild surroundings and can be reached by steep, slippery paths. Located 4 km from the Kodaikanal bus station, the vicinity of Pambar Falls flourishes in rare flora and fauna.

  • Green Valley View

Also known as Suicide Point, Green Valley View offers travellers amazing views of the Vaigai dam, valleys, and hills of Kodaikanal. This tourist point locates 5.5 km from Kodaikanal Lake.

  • Golf Course

A private membership club is another tourist place to visit located 6 km from the city center and 2-min away from the Green Valley View or the Suicide Point.

  • Pillar Rocks

This lovely picnic spot has a view of vertically positioned 400-feet granite boulders, worth visiting and can be seen in the clear sky because sometimes you might find the rocks covered with clouds.

  • Devil’s Kitchen or Guna Caves
Devils Kitchen Kodaikanal
Devil’s Kitchen

1.5 km away from Pillar Rocks or located in the thick forest on top of a hill behind the Pillar Rocks, Devil’s Kitchen is a natural and unique heritage site, and its path goes through the pine forest.

  • Pine Forest

Perfect for long walks and spending some relaxing moments, Pine Forest is one of the most famous tourist spots in the town where one can opt for horse-riding and camping experience if allowed.

  • Moir Point

At a distance of 3 km from Pillar Rocks, it offers breathtaking views of the highest peaks around Kodaikanal. Moir Point makes you remember Sir Thomas Moir, who started constructing the Goschen Road in 1929.

  • Kurinji Andavar Temple

Located 11 km from the Moir Point, Kurinji Andavar Murugan Temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga, referred to as ‘the God of Hill’. The temple is very popular for its Kurinji flower blooms on the hill once every 12 years.

  • Chettiar Park

Located at a walking distance from Kurinji Andavar Temple, the park is a peaceful spot covered by lush greenery and a wide range of flowering plants.

  • Bryant Park

One of the most popular tourist spots in Kodaikanal is Bryant, a botanical park. It also serves as a practical center for education on Ornamental Horticulture.

Tour 2: Forest Tour includes

  • Silent Valley View
Silent Valley
Silent Valley

Located near the Pillar Rocks on Berijam road, the viewpoint is famous among nature lovers due to its stunning views.

  • Fire Tower

The forest department allows visitors to see the breathtaking view from the top of the tower built by the Forest department.

  • Cap’s Fly Valley

One of the outstanding attractions in Kodaikanal, the valley is also known as ‘Thoppi Vesum Paarai’ means ‘cap lifting rock’ because if someone throws a cap or an object from the hill, it will return due to heavy winds up there. Sounds interesting!

  • Berijam Lake

An excellent picnic spot, the lake with its refreshing settings and lush greenery offers scenic beauty for tourists.

Tour 3: Trekking Tour includes (Forest Permission)

  • 500-year-old Tree

This oldest Jamun tree of the Kodai region has become the tourist destination, located on Shola Road near Kodaikanal lake. The Vattakanal Conservation Trust has identified these trees as significant elements of the last shola rainforests.

  • Vattakanal Falls

Famous for its rich biodiversity and surrounded by trees, the Vattakanal falls offers a stunning sight and has panoramic vistas. You have to trek to reach the destination, and there is a bridge near the falls perfect for capturing great pictures.

  • Dolphin Nose Point

Located around 8 km from Kodaikanal Lake, it is a small trek of 2-4 km and the top of the Dolphin Nose Point itself is surrounded by clouds.

  • Echo Rock

A walking distance from Dolphin Nose, the Echo Rock will give you the best echo experience and a place for photographers where you can enjoy the whole of nature.

Pine_Forest Kodaikanal
Pine Forest

Tour 4: Picnic Tour includes

  • Mahalakshmi Temple

Devoted to Laxmi (the Goddess of wealth in Hinduism), the temple is small but remarkable on the way to Poombarai Village.

  • Poombarai Village View
Fresh Garlic
Fresh Garlic

A small, colorful village nestled amidst green fields looks quaint and offers picturesque views of the area. You can buy some fresh garlic here and visit a local temple dedicated to Lord Murugan.

  • Sheep Farm

Sheep Research Center is situated 30 km away from the center of Kodaikanal. It offers tourists a chance to experience farm life.

Click here to know more about Sheep Farm: www.cswri.res.in/regional_stations_southern_regional_research_centre_mannavanur.asp

  • Mannavanur Lake

The most serene place, located in Mannavanur village (35 km from Kodaikanal), is a worth visiting tourist destination and the drive to the lake is also enchanting.

Note: Generally, the tour operators in Kodaikanal charge Rs.350 for any of the one-day tours mentioned in the blog.

Travel Tips Exclusively for Kodai Tourism:

Kodaikanal Food
South Indian Food
  1. The best time to visit Kodaikanal is between April and June, but the beauty of rains and fresh air is best felt during the month of August.
  2. Carry rainproof jacket and an umbrella for the expected rains.
  3. We have detail guide on Kodaikanal for you to refer.

Coimbatore, Your Next Day Destination From Kodai

Isha foundation Shiva

The third-largest city of the state, Coimbatore has something you should not miss at any cost. An out-of-this-world destination and a sacred place for self-transformation, Isha Yoga Center is situated at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains on the outskirts of Coimbatore in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu.

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We hope this list of four tours that might be comfortably covered in one day helps you find the right place to have a fun time. Sometimes rather choose a place, pack your bags, and hit the road. Otherwise, a team member of TravelEscape is ready to figure it out for you.

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