Sinnadorai Kadamane Tea Estate Sakleshpur-Situated in the Sakleshpur Hills about 250km/5hrs from Bangalore, this heritage bungalow goes back to about a century ago when Tea plantation started in around the area.

We wanted to chase the departing magical monsoon rain and to experience living in a heritage bungalow in the middle of 1000 acres of Tea Estate. What else can be a better trip if that one would be your best friend and his family and friends?

As, it was a family trip consisting of 6 adults, two seniors, and one kid; the planning part has to be reliable with all booking and information of route before we start from Bangalore. I reserve the four cottages at Sinnadorai Kadamane Tea Estate situated in Saklespur by paying 50 % in advance.

Sinnadorai Kadamane Tea Estate Sakleshpur-A Heritage bungalow

Sinnadorai Kadamane
Sinnadorai Kadamane

SinnaDorai’s bungalow at Kadamane Tea Estate is a heritage property located in the middle of 1000 acres of the Tea estate in Saklespur, Karnataka. Sakleshpur is a small town in the state of Karnataka. The small town and surroundings in around Sakleshpur are known as plantation country with Coffee and pepper being the major crops apart from paddy fields.

Sinnadorai’s Bungalow at Kadamane is at a distance of 22 KMs from lovely and green Sakaleshpur town. The last few KMs to the estate main gate are not in good shape.

Drive From Bangalore To Kadamane Estate

We started from Bangalore at 6 AM on our pre-reserved cars carrying 8 of us. The wide roads to Saklespur are too good to drive. Remember, one has to shell out Rs40 to 50 every 40 Km for toll bills. We stopped at eatery left to the highway for breakfast and coffee. There is a small playing area for the kid, and so he enjoyed a lot. We suggest regular breaks if you are on a road trip with kids and elders.

A Pit Stop at Ancient Temple of Belur and Halebidu

I heard a lot about the temple and ancient town of Belur and Halebidu, and so I included the sightseeing of these magnificent temples from the 12th century to our trip. Before hitting the Sakleshpur town, we took the right of the main road and drove towards Halebidu.  Halebidu was the royal capital of the Hoysala Empire in the early 12th century (Wikipedia).

We took a Hindi speaking guide to tell us all the glory and history of the temple. We learned the temple complex comprises two Hindu temples, the Hoysaleswara and Kedareswara temples and also two big Nandis, made of solid stones.

Awesome Drive to Sinnadorai Kadamane Tea Estate


It took us roughly 2 hrs for us and our guide to know only the brief of the temple and its history. It was getting hot and also we planned to reach the estate for lunch. We decided to visit Bellur while returning back. It took another 1.5 hrs for us covering some very secluded and bumpy terrain to reach the entrance of the estate.

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The Kadamane Estate is a small township with the hospital, church, temple, a tea factory, staff quarter and main bungalow. Apart from all these, you would see acres and acres of tea and forest till where your eyes can go. Another 1.5 Km from the main entrance and up above the hill is the Sinna Dorai bungalow. The view from the cottage would give you the satisfaction of being lucky to reach this pristine and magnificent property.

Inside the Kadamane Estate & SinnaDaroi Bungalow

Sinnadorai Kadamane-estate
Sinnadorai Kadamane-estate

The rooms are spacious, cozy with lazy sit out overlooking the vast estate green and plantation all around. The main bungalow has six rooms beautifully done and maintained to preserve the heritage attached to it. It also has big common rooms for gossips, tea party or even booze party.The food is served in a mini hall, next to the kitchen.

The idea is to serve and consume the freshly prepared food.It also cements the proverb that the family that eats together stay together. The estate also has three lovely cottages located few meters from the bungalow. The two cottages are side by side whereas the left one is for a couple seeking more privacy.

All You Do Inside The Estate or Don’t Want To Do

Yes, the choice is yours. If you want to do nothing, that’s perfectly all right. Sit back or enjoy your cup of tea with all gossip and admiring the surrounding. You would be pampered and spoiled for the in-house cooked delicious food. For the one who is looking forward to some activities, there are few excellent options to choose from.

  • kadamane-tea-estateTry some shots in the Estate lovely tennis court which is there in front of Tea Plantation
  • A must visit Kadamane Tea factory and witness how the tea is being prepared from the plantation’s leaf
  • Go exploring the estate on the bicycle and admire the beauty all around.
  • A must visit 5-acre viewpoint inside the estate (done on 4*4 Estate’s jeep), it’s a different world altogether.
  • Go for trekking and witness the small waterfall

Sinnadorai Kadamane bungalow is a beautiful old world plantation estate, clean filled with lovely antiques here and there with very warm, polite and courteous staff. The estate bungalow has three parts the lower cottage which is a suite kind of cabin and located few meters away. The whole long corridor and verandah would serve as evening chat and gossip center.

One more reason to fall in love with Kadamane Sinna Dorai bungalow is the fact that there is no cell phone signal there (except BSNL) and TV sets in the rooms. All we did for three days was absorb nature & gossips. Look out from the balcony to the view of the tea estate, trees and flowers, take walks and chat. Therefore SinnaDorai Kadamane is a most relaxing vacation in a long time

Kadumane Estate Sakleshpur Contact

Kadamane Estate- Explore Here

Kadamane Estate Contact- Enquire Here

Things To Remember While Planning For Kadamane Tea Estate

  • Start early from Bangalore; hence it will give you ample time in reaching the Kadamane Estate (the last 10-15 Kms of road could be adventurous
  • Keep handy the phone number of Estate’s manager, who can direct you the exact path in case you get confused or lost
  • Caution– Leeches are found plenty and in the rainy season. Use anti leeches method to stay away from them
  • Communicate your food preferences (veg, nonveg) in advance to the estate manager. They prepare delicious food though
  • They charge a very nominal amount to facilitate the add-ons activities like Jeep drive to factory or viewpoint. Do not miss those.

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