BALI ITINERARY– Popular as the ‘island of Gods’, Bali is an all-around tourist destination in Indonesia with diverse & vibrant landscapes, sandy beaches, pristine coastlines, barren or active volcanic hillsides, and vivid rice terraces.

Bali boasts of a picturesque landscape, deeply spiritual values, brilliant offbeat modern art, and unique culture hotspot.  Bali is also lighter in your pocket.


If you are planning the Bali trip as a solo, spouse or family, I would definitely recommend making a Bali 5-day itinerary to explore this part of the vibrant & offbeat world. Please note, the Bali itinerary is purely made out of my trip experience of past and hence recommending you to follow the exact itinerary or customize it to suit your need.

My objective of preparing the itinerary to give you the power to plan, book and experience the trip in the best possible way and avoid getting trapped by big companies and their fixed package. The itinerary would give you

  1.  Flexibility to customize as per your need
  2.  Sure shot saving and more enjoyment
  3. The confidence of doing it yourself


I know most of us are in hurry including me, so I am going to write here on a very high level the summary of Bali Itinerary. However, please go through in detail of each day breakup to understand and plan a better trip.

DAY 1 Arrive at Bali’s Denpasar airport either morning or latest by afternoon. Avoid any flight that arrives airport post noon, you gonna waste your entire day1. After check-in in your hotel in Kutta (hardly 30 mins drive from the airport), go to nice Uluwatu to enjoy the famous Ramanya dance.

DAY 2– Start your day with a good breakfast in your hotel. Head out to Kutta beach which may be like 5 mins walk from your hotel and enjoy the water, sand and the environment. Enjoy your good lunch in the eateries located opposite the beach with a good price.

The evening at Kutta, you can head out to a pub or enjoy a peaceful ambiance with your partner or family sitting beside the beach. The choice is yours

DAY 3- Post your breakfast in the hotel, check out and head out to lesser-known Gilli island, the fact is only 10 % of tourist who arrives in Bali goes to Gilli island. These islands are paradise, no motorbikes allowed and almost clear waters with great coral reefs. Shall we go now?

It takes around 2.5 hrs by speedboat to reach the island. The journey to the island itself is awesome and memorable as you steer towards Gilli. You are going to witness a different atmosphere at Gilli island, so do not miss out.

Gilli Island

DAY 4-  I would strongly recommend you to spend minimum 2 nights in Gilli, why? the islands where no motorbikes are allowed, go on the bicycle ride, enjoy beachside lunch and dinner, go on scuba dive or snorkeling. You are going to enjoy Gilli, guaranteed!

DAY5-  If you plan to stay a night extra in Gilli islands, it would be awesome else pack your bag and sadly ready to leave the paradise by speedboat to Bali. I planned to stay the last stretch of my journey to culture hotspot of Bali called as “Ubud”. You are gonna love Ubud if you are nature, culture and art lover person. I would recommend you to spend minimum 2 nights in Ubud for the best experience.

DAY6- Explore the best of Ubud like natural and exotic waterfall, tropical forest and yes world famous rice terraced field. Eat out in a popular cafe located in the Ubud town. Ubud gives you the best experience.

DAY7- Okay, if you want to plan 6 nights and 7 days Bali Itinerary, it’s time to say goodbye to Bali. After a good breakfast in your hotel, head out to Denpasar airport from Ubud (approx 2 hrs) to catch your afternoon flight.


Escape to Bali with me as I walk the unbeaten paths of Bali like of Kutta, Gilli Islands, Ubud while also digging up hidden gems around tourists’ hotspots. I am sure to prove that Bali is still the perfect place for a getaway with a group of friends or family to explore, eat and experience. I created my own perfect itinerary to Bali and saved quite a good money. Here’s what you will get by designing your Itinerary

  1. Flexibility to explore the best of Bali, your way
  2. The confidence in exploring a new & unknown country
  3. Great stay in less price but more authentic experience
  4. Pass on the itinerary to your friends and families with confidence
  5. The ultimate experience devoid of any constraints


Disclaimer– I am sharing my itinerary which I did with my husband to the beautiful island of Bali & lesser known paradise island of Gilli.

However, the itinerary can be customized to your need and budget, if you need any help do not forget to comment or email us or ask any question in the below very active Facebook community. So, let’s explore paradise called Bali in your way.

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  1. Kutta Region- Just opposite to Kutta beach Citadines Kuta Beach Bali
  2. Gilli Islands- Can’t be better than this Desa Dunia Beda Resort
  3. Ubud region- In the middle of the paddy field Bliss Ubud Spa & Bungalow

So, why not book yourself and enjoy your experience in your way!


Bali Gapura


Very straightforward, just book your best flight directly to Bali without thinking too much. Direct flights are best or if there is 1- 2 hrs layover at places like Malaysia or Singapore, it also works well.

However, I strongly recommend you to please book return flights from your nearest origin city and please book at least 2 months before the actual departing dates to save on money. hey, every single rupee counts unless you are from Ambani’s.

Suggested- Please always get the latest information about Bali airport on local weather, volcanic activity or any natural disaster.


  1. For Indians, Bali visa is ‘On Arrival’ without visa charges. Therefore, carry your passport (Valid minimum 6 months from the day you land in Bali)
  2. It is advisable to get your currency exchanged to IDR in India or if needed at any of the exchange outlets in popular areas like Kuta.
  3. October onwards its rainy season in Bali. The season also means low hotel tariffs, however, please do not forget to your carry your sunscreens and your cap.


Well, they don’t tell you the hidden and better way to experience Bali, can you believe a swing in the middle of the ocean? I do because we found in the less explored Gilli islands. You will find such swings from the walking distance from where we stayed Desa Dunia Beda Resort & they are free!

Gili Trawangan

Dear readers, I hope the blog post answered some of the questions about DIY “Bali Itinerary“. Do you still have a question? Feel free to comment or rate us by clicking the 5 stars.

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