Bhadraj Temple Trek Mussoorie– Nestled amidst the serene Garhwal Himalayas, Bhadraj Temple is a beacon of spiritual tranquility, offering a pilgrimage site and a breathtaking escapade into nature’s lap, the dream site for the camper inside you.

Embarking on a journey that transcends mere travel, the road from Dehradun to Bhadraj Temple via Kimadi and Lambi Dehar Mines unfolds like a chapter from a mystic novel.

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This time, I was going to traverse through quaint villages, haunted mines, and dense forests, unraveling the secrets of this unique pilgrimage route.

Bhadraj Temple Trek Route Plan

Bhadraj Temple Trek Route Plan

Rajpur Road, being the preferred road to Mussoorie, usually ends up being too crowded, and with cafes and hotels mushrooming up the route, all you see on the way is a concrete jungle.

Kimadi Road, on the other hand, offers a more picturesque and serene drive where one can enjoy lush greenery, charming villages, and offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills.

The plan was to start the journey by 9:00 am, with Garhi Cantt. being the starting point, and enjoying diverse terrain with winding roads, forested stretches, and occasional glimpses of the Himalayan foothills.

Post enquiring about few camping sites on the way and enjoying a sunset view at Bhadraj Temple, I was supposed to return back to Dehradun by the evening.

Bhadraj Temple Trek Time

Unlike most of the times, I managed to hit the road as per the schedule and I was at Garhi Cantt. by 9:15 am.

Although the distance from Garhi Cantt. to Bhadraj Temple is only about 38 Kilometers, it takes nearly 1 hour and 50 minutes because of the road condition.

When planning the visit from Mussoorie, you can consider time taken to be nearly an hour and the distance to be 13 Kilometers.

Garhi Cantt. A testament to Indian Military Legacy

Apart from the prestigious Indian Military Academy, Dehradun also has two cantonment areas – Garhi Cantonment and Clement Town Cantonment Board.

Garhi Cantt proudly carries its military legacy. The rhythmic cadence of marching boots and the fluttering of the national flag create an ambiance of discipline and honor.

The military presence here is not just a tradition but a testament to the town’s contribution to the country’s defense.

While crossing Garhi Cantt., there is a famous Shiva Temple, Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple, which is of great religious and historical importance. This temple is on the bank of the Tons River and is inside a natural cave that holds the main Shivlinga.

Robbers Cave

Apart from Tapakeshwar Mahadev Temple, if you have time, you must visit Robber’s Cave near Garhi Cantt., which is a cave divided into two parts with a narrow gorge in between. The best feature of this place is the disappearing stream that enters the cave and reappears a few meters away.

Enchanting Kimadi Village

Kimadi Road

As I left the city behind, I could see the villages dot the landscape, each telling a story of a simpler life harmonized with the rhythms of the mountains.

The Song River that was flowing alongside the scenic route, was adding to the charm of the journey. The river, with its crystal-clear waters, was enhancing the natural beauty of the landscape, creating a serene and picturesque environment.

I also crossed Sahajdham, a meditation center that has been set up in this serenity, where one can practice Sahaj Yoga, as developed by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

If you have time at hand, you can even stay in one of the many stays that are available near Kimadi Village, where you can relish the tranquility of nature as the place is not as commercialized as Mussoorie.

Kimadi Waterfall

There are also few less explored waterfalls where you can have some quality time with your loved ones.

Initially, I was surprised to see the rough terrain of the roads and was wondering if I would get any place to eat something basic. Thankfully, few food trucks and small shops were there serving a variety of food.

Lambi Dehar Mines – An enigmatic abandonment

Lambi Dehar Mines

After crossing Kimadi Village and driving approximately 2 Kilometers further, I reached Lambi Dehar Mines, an intriguing and a historical site, which also is one of the main attractions for travelers interested in Dark Tourism.

The mines were once operational for limestone extraction, but eventually were abandoned, leading to various tales of paranormal activities and accidents.

The abandoned mines have given rise to local legends and ghost stories about accidents, mysterious happenings, and the supernatural.

Lambi Dehar Mines

As per the locals whom I interacted with, approximately 50,000 mine-workers died here. This, however, is not confirmed officially.

The place has an administration building with graffiti done on almost all the walls by the visitors. The place seemed to be a much-preferred hangout place of school and college students.

This place has also been used as a shooting location for few of the Bollywood movies due to the somewhat eerie ambiance.

Bhadraj Café – Serving the man and the machine

While planning to halt for a cup of tea to galvanize myself before the trek, I notice a humble setup by the name of Bhadraj Café, owned by Mr. Ajay Sharma, who also conducts treks and is very well-versed with the folklores.

Here, I met a local shopkeeper, Mr. Banwari Lal, who is a savior for the ones whose vehicles are running low on fuel.

While I enjoyed tea prepared by Sam, who manages Bhadraj Café, I noticed that Mr. Banwari Lal helps the visitors with some back up supply of petrol which he keeps for his personal use.

The nearest petrol pump from this place was around 12-13 Kilometers and it becomes very challenging if you are running low on fuel at this point.

Ascending to Bhadraj Temple

As I was ascending towards Bhadraj Temple, I started feeling the transformation in the landscape.

The road was visibly changing to a narrow trail, winding through rhododendron-laden hills.

The occasional glimpses of the valley below and the distant peaks were hinting at the spiritual sanctuary awaiting my arrival.

A word of caution for all the drivers that there are few patches where the road is extremely rocky and there are signboards mentioning landslide prone areas.

Please drive only if you are very well-versed with travelling to certain off-road areas and have a good knowledge about the abilities of your vehicle.

Relaxing in Nature’s Lap – Camping Sites near Bhadraj Temple

bhadraj-temple-Camping Site

There are picturesque locations in the surrounding areas where camping enthusiasts can set up camps.

One can enjoy a safe camping site near Bhadraj Café as the place provides a 3-person tent at a cost of only Rs.750 per night.

I also passed by another camping site named Humpty Camping Comfort Stay where 4-5 tents were already pitched.

At Humpty Camping Site, the charges were Rs.300 per person per night. If you are carrying your own tent, you can still utilize their space by paying Rs.200 per tent.

The advantage of camping at such sites is that the entire area was fenced with barbed-wires to ensure that the wild animals do not create a trouble for the campers.

As per the locals, its mostly bears and wild boars that frequent the place when the crops are ready to be harvested. No sighting or attack on humans by leopards has been reported so far.

Bhadraj Temple – A Spiritual Haven

Bhadraj Temple Mussoorie

Bhadraj Temple, dedicated to Lord Bal Bhadra, radiates an ancient energy. The panoramic views of the Himalayas from the temple premises provide a soul-stirring backdrop to the spiritual experience.

I was lucky to get an opportunity to speak to the priest of the temple who informed that the temple is believed to be from Dwapar Yuga. Lord Balram had meditated here during the times of Mahabharat Yuddha.

Also, an astonishing fact is that selling of milk is prohibited in the nearby villages as the milk is supposed to be offered to Lord Balram.

Amidst the temple bells and the mountain breeze, there was a moment of reflection.

The journey from Dehradun to Bhadraj Temple via Kimadi and Lambi Dehar Mines was not just about the physical distance covered; it was a pilgrimage of the soul, an exploration of the mystical connections between nature, history, and spirituality.

Places Near Bhadraj Temple

From Bhadraj Temple, there are ample beautiful destinations that one may opt for. Depending upon your interest and the time of the day, you can visit one of the below-mentioned places:

  • Cloud End – Approx. 30 Minutes, 7 Kilometers
  • Sir George Everest’s House – Approx. 50 Minutes, 14 Kilometers
  • Benog Wildlife Sanctuary – Approx. 30 Minutes, 7 Kilometers
  • Camel’s Back Road – Approx. 50 Minutes, 15 Kilometers
  • Kempty Fall – Approx. 1 Hour 20 Minutes, 27 Kilometers
  • Mussoorie Lake – Approx. 1 Hour, 22 Kilometers.

Location Map

You can reach Bhadraj Temple by following the below map:

Bhadraj Temple- Google Maps

Some Tips for the Temple

Bhadraj Temple Rules

Vehicle Suitability – Opt for a sturdy vehicle suitable for mountain roads, especially during the ascent to Bhadraj Temple. I had taken a Tiago since its not a big car and can be managed comfortably on narrow roads. Alternatively, one can also plan to visit in a two-wheeler.

  • Leather products not allowed – Apart from shoes, you also need to remove belt or wallet in case anything is made of leather.
  • Weather Preparedness – Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly as the weather changes drastically post a rain.
  • Local Interaction – Engage with locals to learn about the history and folklore associated with Lambi Dehar Mines. It was fun listening to the stories.
  • Trekking Essentials – If planning to trek around Bhadraj Temple, carry essentials such as trekking shoes, water, and a light backpack.

Summary & Conclusion

Bhadraj Temple

Let me summarize few important details about this marvel called Bhadraj Temple:

  • Distance – 50 KMs from Dehradun
  • Timings – 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
  • Parking Space – Ample
  • Parking Charges – Free
  • Entrance Fee – Free
  • Eatables – Carry your own eatables.
  • Drinking Water – Carry you own water.
  • Activities – Pooja, Historical Sight-Seeing, Camping

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