Hey readers !!! Hope you are all doing great. Coronavirus has left most of us stranded at home and craving for a break.
If traveling to places that are hidden in the supple bosom of nature was to get away from the city life previously, now it is the need of the hour and honestly the safest place to be too ( away from the crowd ).

A small trip can not only refresh your mind it has the ability to rejuvenate your mind and body with a much-needed break from your home.

Muthathi and Srirangapatna are a good choice for a quick outing for people living in the silicon valley of India. Muthathi a little more than Srirangapatna.

Where is Muthathi ? 

118Kms from Hebbal, Bangalore – Muthathi is a tiny settlement on the banks of Kaveri. Surrounded by a dense forest Muthathi shares the border with both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

How to get there?

You can reach Muthathi temple by continuing on Kanakapura main road or you could take the route via Mysore road. The choice is yours.

Although, need to mention that the view on Kanakapura road is good but the road itself is under maintenance. We drove to Muthathi via Kanakapura road and took the Mysore road route for the return journey.
Once you reach Sathanur ,Google maps would surely show you a shorter route that is a few minutes slower. This route although absolutely beautiful and adventurous is the least maintained of the lot. DO NOT TAKE THIS TURN UNLESS YOU HAVE AN SUV and are an expert driver. There is a forest check-post where you need to update your info and the road immediately ahead of this is in a terrible state and it is this state for about a kilometer if not more.
This route is now almost void of traffic and passes right through the forest. Any sort of issues with your vehicle will take hours to get fixed.

The second route that google maps suggest is a more reliable and used route. It has enough vehicle movement and the route doesn’t have too much variation in the terrain to test your driving skills to the very essence of it.

Things to do in Muthathi :

  1. Visit the Muthathi temple.
    Dedicated to the Hindu god Hanuman, this is a tiny temple that has an architecture that is common to temples in the state of Karnataka, although not as elaborately designed as many other temples in the region.
  2. Relax on the banks of river Kaveri.
  3. If you have lots of time to spare and need to refresh you could book a room in one of the resorts in the region.
  4. Pack some food and have a picnic – although you need to beware of the wildlife that will get attracted to food and it is also a punishable offense to feed them.

Drive to Srirangapatna. 

This is one of the most beautiful drives with the roads being lined with cultivated farms, ponds, and lakes.

You would surely want to stop at several locations to enjoy the wonderful view. The green pastures with migratory birds hunting for fishes and the feel of life in a village that is completely opposite of the fast-paced city life.

Things to do in Srirangapatna :

  1. Visit the Dariya Daulat Palace AKA Tipu’s summer palace – since covid19 there are new sets of rules to follow. You can purchase a ticket online and you need to show your id proof. Also ” No Mask, No Entry”.
  2. Pay a visit to the Gumaz burial chambers where rests Tipu Sultan and his family.
  3. Visit the numerous iconic monuments within Srirangapatna Fort – Be mesmerized by the size of this fort that houses several beautiful historically significant buildings. From dungeons to temples and ghats to sit around and enjoy the breeze, name it and this fort has it all.

Summary & Conclusion

Although it is advisable to stay overnight at Srirangapatna if you would like to cover all the major destinations in Srirangapatna. But, you can surely cover the major attractions on a day trip.

PS: I embarked on this trip while the cases were a little lesser and the second wave hadn’t punched us on our nose. With a pandemic that has not really come under control, it is advisable to stay at home until the situation is better and the government allows travel again. All travelers are requested to wear masks, use sanitizers, avoid touching surfaces and maintain social distancing. If possible avoid peak hours and weekends to avoid crowds.

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