Escape to Avalabetta Hilltop– 100 Km from Bangalore, the less crowded Avalabetta hilltop is upcoming and the alternate destination compared to famous Nandi Hills. Less commercialized  & an impressive cliff make it worth visiting

Avalabetta Hilltop- Why We Selected For Our Next Group Trip

The last road trip we did was too awesome Hessarghatta grassland from Bangalore. Searching for our next trip, I stumble upon the pictures of Avalabetta hilltop. Located 60 Km from famous Bangalore’s hotspot “Nandi hills” on the way to Hyderabad lies the hill. Avalabetta hilltop is less crowded compared to that of Nandi hills. However, we are now seeing a real influx of young people from Bangalore started exploring the hill.

Route To Avalabetta Hilltop From Bangalore- A Suggestion and Recommendation

Avalabetta Road

Avalabetta Road

Very straight forward if you plan well in advance. We recommend all our readers to start from Bangalore before sunrise. The reason is to get off from Bangalore traffic and then possibly reach the base of hilltop as early as possible (at the time of sunrise). You can wrap up the sightseeing in around  Avalabetta in approx 2 hours.

The best route you can take is to hit Nh7, pass international airport toll gate, then Chikkaballapura town exit, continue roughly for 20 Km on the highway till Paresandra. Take Paresandra exit and come to the service road, after 1.5 Km take left and then continue to follow the village road till the base of the hilltop. Recommended to follow the google maps GPS, we reached without issue by following the instruction’s of maps

Avalabetta Hilltop- Things To See & Do In Around The Hill

Avalabetta Cliff

Avalabetta Cliff

Okay, I am not giving you a very rosy picture like of other sites, Avalabetta is now becoming a hotspot tourist place in around Bangalore. You will witness the good crowd of youngsters driving to the hill on the weekend and national holidays. You would have to wait in a long queue to get your picture snapped on the edge of the cliff.

Now the honest picture before you to decide a visit to Avalabetta Hilltop or not? Yes, it’s worth. A full breadth of fresh air, a green landscape and to climb few stone steps to reach the top would be the first few things which you would surely try to experience.

Avalabetta Hilltop- Temple, Cliff, Valley & Landscape

Avalabetta Valley

Avalabetta Valley

The drive till the base of hilltop itself is refreshing, thrilling and impressive. After you park your vehicle or bike in ample parking space, you can head towards the valley and enjoy the breathtaking views. You have to climb some 50 odd stone stairs to reach to the Hanuman temple.

If you take the right side of the temple and follow the uneven path, you will reach to the prized and most photographed cliff in around Bangalore in the backdrop of the small water body.Enjoy the Valley and the chilling wind of morning. If you take left from the Hanuman temple and climb steep some odd 50 stairs, you will reach the top of the hill with another temple at the top.

Avalabetta Weather & Forecast

Yerramaranahalli - 22 Nov
27° 18°

Mostly Sunny


  • Thu

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  • Sun


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TE Insider Guide
# Start as early as possible from Bangalore # Carry some snacks and water bottle # Carry all vehicle documents and ride/drive safely # 24Km from Avalabetta hilltop is Gudibande Fort

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