DD hills Travel Guide– Monsoon brings the much needed freshness in around Bangalore, and the zeast of searching the next weekend offbeat destination in around Bangalore reaches to its peak.

Well to curt short the story , today I will do a virtual walthrough of DD hills in Tumkuru through my blog. So, let’s straightaway dive in. You can also drive ahead and watch out the might Markonahalli Damfor a complete one day trip from Bangalore.

What is DD hills?

DD hills or Devarayanadurga Hills is a small village cum a tranquil hill station located near Tumkur district in the state of Karnataka.

DD hills distance from Bangalore is around 100Km and can be reached in around 90 minutes, provided you start early ( please do so)

Devarayanadurga Hills, which translates to “the fort of God” is like the Malgudi days of a village, However, with covid19 restriction and anxiety, this small hamlet is getting a lot of visitors from Bangalore off late. Yes, I am also the one.

Why DD hill from Bangalore

DD hill lies in the western part of Bangalore and is connected by an excellent highway, you have to take right onto the state highway to reach theDevarayanadurga Hills base.

If you are coming from south Bangalore like Electronic city, Kanakpura Road, etc, you can take the NICE road and exit to the Tumkuru road, so the whole experience of the road trip would be nice.

As you take the state highway, you will start seeing a difference in atmosphere and everything around you will be fresh.

So, definitely, if you are a serious trip fan, I will say do not miss out on the lovely DD Hills.

Key Places to See around DD Hills

Till writing this blog, I have visited the place around the DD hills 2 times, one with my friends and the second with my wife and 2 years son, so I think the blog will give you the information about the beautiful place in the best possible way. I will keep updating the blog on the latest information

Depending on my experience and how the best you can see the key places around theDevarayanadurga Hills, I am going to list down the places sequence-wise, and it’s how I think you too should do to aim for a bit of relaxing exploration rather than getting lost and exhausted.

#1 DD Hills Lake

Why this lake first? because chances that you will miss this small yet beautiful lake which lies just left of the road before climbing the hill.

As most of us would be in rush to explore the hill first, chances are that we tend to miss the small yet meaningful place, just like I was about to.

The lake is a refreshing place to sit or explore for 30 minutes as you arrive after all way from Bangalore. The view of the summit from the lake bed is another awesome view to enjoy the moment.

You might see local villagers washing the clothes, but that’s how it is. Please also respect the local community and do not litter the place, please. I will let you enjoy the lake using the picture.

#2 DD Hills Base Temple- Bhoga Narasimha Temple

For the sheer beauty of the temple & its architecture, I will recommend you visit the Sri Bhoga Narshima temple, which is located at the base of the hill and is in the left direction when you enter the road leading to the summit of DD hills.

Also, there is one more & probably the best reason, why you must stop at this place is because of the best places to visit DD hills, which in my list is at #3

#3 Devarayana Durga – Best View 1

The monolithic rock view of DD hills, and is just 500 meters from theSri Bhoga Narshima temple. The way the monolithic rock suspends over the edge surprises anyone who looks at the famous image on the internet.

The awesome panoramic view from here is just breadthless with dense & green forest and rocky hills around. I recommend try coming here very early in the morning or staying till the sunset, you will thank me later.

# 4Devarayana Durga – Top Most View

Now, this is where everyone aims,s and in layman term the summit of DD hills, after curvy roads ( something like hairpin drive), you reach to the parking area and here you park your vehicle.

From here you take around 100 steps to the summit and have to be climbed to reach the temple. After the climb, you will be greeted by the scenic beauty that will definitely leave the climbers spellbound. The climb is easy to moderate.

Lush greenery and small hills can be found around the hillock which gives relief from the tedious task of climbing the steps for sure. As you reach the top, you will also welcome by the gangs of monkeys and hence you need to be careful.

The peace of the temple is worth sitting, relax and probably meditating for a few minutes. The awesome small temple’s pond is another beauty to watch for. I spent close to 30 minutes here and it was all worth it.

There is probably one more hike you can do from here, but you need to check with locals about the permission and the safety, I will suggest do not attempt without knowing about it.

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