Iruppu Falls Coorg– Think about this, when the hike and the destination both of them are awesome, then you hit the jackpot. The context is with the famous Iruppu falls, you need to walk/hike for 1 Km to witness the awesome cascade of freshwater.

Here even the 1 Km walk and the hike to the fall is also breathtaking. Disclaimer, if you like to walk! let’s get to know why?

About Iruppu Falls, Coorg

If you are aware of the waterfalls in Coorg, then Iruppu is located in the south Coorg region, meaning if you are in Madikeri and want to explore Iruppu, then estimate to drive 48 Km one way to explore. The one-way time to reach the parking area from Madikeri town would be roughly 90 Mins.

If you are staying in the Central or south Coorg area, then I would strongly recommend you to explore the Iruppu fall, because of its uniqueness, where the water descends in the form of cascade + you get a chance to walk/hike and enjoy the 1 Km of walk to the waterfall.

Ok! What Great About Iruppu?

Iruppu, as per me comes under an amazing waterfall. There is constructed path till the falls. Very neat and clean. Entrance fee of Rs 50/-. There is ample parking and small food stalls and Nandini milk products outlet.

I recommend asking the price before ordering. Products are sold at 3X prices and have limited choices. However, I will strongly recommend you come on weekdays, as the road to the parking area is very narrow, I can’t imagine what would be the situation on weekend or on holiday.

If you visit on weekdays, I think the whole waterfall will be yours, please note I along with my family with 2 years old kid went there on Friday, and it was fun and pure enjoyment.

The parking area is nice, good and secured, however, in the afternoon it gets a bit sunny as the parking don’t have any shed and hence I recommend you to please park your vehicle in some shade area if you are lucky to spot one.

Allright! What about Abbey Falls Vs Iruppu?

In a way, Abbey Falls in north Coorg is more famous than Irupu falls, however, let me tell you that both falls have their own charm, if you stay near Madikeri and have limited time in Coorg, then exploring Abbey is more than good, as you will save almost half of the day!

However, being near to the main town, Abbey attracts lots of crowds and on weekend, you will witness those, plus Abbey fall is a bit short on the overall length and lastly, from the main parking area, you need to get down to a few meters for Abbey falls.

Personally, I liked the Iruppu better than Abbey, for the reasons stated above. I will leave the decision to you, please let me know in the comment below if you are a fan of Abbey or Iruppu?

Tips for Visiting Iruppu Falls

If you ask me the #1 tip for Iruppu Falls, the answer is always to ensure you always try to visit the fall on weekdays and the rest will be memorable. However, for the sake of making this article more relevant on the best tips for visiting Iruppu Falls, Coorg

  • There are changing rooms inside the falls premises for changing clothes based on need. However, please watch out for those rooms before changing, just for safety purpose
  • Since the trekking trail up to the falls is steep and may be slippery, it is recommended to wear covered and sturdy running shoes that will protect your feet better.
  • During summer or dry season, you may witness ,less water and so , do not get disappointed. Enjoy the flora around
  • You can also get down to the stream , which is just before the hanging bridge on way to the fall, and enjoy taking photographs
  • Suitable for seniors and childs, however as it requires 1 Km of walk and 250 steps hike ( in the last), please recheck with them.

One Bonus Tip

Iruppu is also popular among the pilgrims who consider the place sacred for its connection with the mythological story of Ramayana.

According to popular belief, the sacred water of the Lakshmana Tirtha Falls is bestowed with divine powers that wash off the sins of those who take a dip into its water.

Therefore, you will also witness many who take the dip in the water, however, if you see the current of fall is very high, please avoid getting in the water or take help from the local or security person

At the parking area, you will also see the famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, if you are in proper traditional attire, you can have a visit to the temple.

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